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Test Cases In Software Testing Examples: Test cases are essential to software testing, especially system testing. Simply put, the test cases are a set of preconditions, inputs, and expected outcomes that determine whether the software functions correctly. Also, following the test cases in software testing provides a systematic approach to verifying the software’s quality, performance, and functionality.

The test cases are typically developed based on the requirements and specifications of the software application, including test case design. Most organizations have their own test case template to prepare the TCs, and a well-written test case template with prerequisites is essential for effective software testing.

Because It provides a standardized format for organizing and documenting test cases, which makes it easier for testers to understand and execute them, test case templates typically include the test case ID, test case description, preconditions, steps, expected results, automation, and actual results. Writing effective test cases requires a deep understanding of the software application, its requirements, and its functionality.

Testers must be able to identify potential issues and edge cases and develop test cases that cover all possible scenarios, ensuring comprehensive test coverage. The testing team must work together to create test cases that are comprehensive, clear, and easy to understand so that other testers and stakeholders can review and execute them.

Testers can use boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning, and decision table testing when writing TCs. These techniques help identify and prioritize the test cases most likely to identify defects and issues in the software application. Additionally, test data can be used to ensure that the software application’s user interface (UI) is functioning as expected under different scenarios.

Nowadays, many organizations use a test case template in Excel, a popular and effective way to manage and organize test cases in a test environment. Excel provides a range of features that make it easy to create, manage, and execute test cases, including test scripts.

Testers also use Excel to create TC templates, track testing progress, and generate reports. However, investing in test management tools may be beneficial for more complex testing needs.

Nowadays, many organizations use a test case template in Excel, a popular and effective way to manage and organize test cases. Because Excel provides a range of features that make it easy to create, manage, and execute test cases. Testers also use Excel to create test case templates, track testing progress, and generate reports.

However, those organizations are ready to afford some test case management tools, and they are using those online test case writing tools to accelerate test case preparation, including automation testing. Out of them, some are paid, and some are open source. Some TC management tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, and others exist, which offer compatibility with various testing frameworks and tools.

What are the Manual Test Cases in Software Engineering?

if we search in Google for the definition, according to Wikipedia

A test case specifies the inputs, execution conditions, testing procedure, and expected results that define a single test to achieve a particular software testing objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or verify compliance with a specific requirement.

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What is a Test Case?

Test cases are software or application pieces that you can use to test the functionality of a real system. They can be used to evaluate the correctness and completeness of your code and can be used in conjunction with unit testing tools to ensure the quality of your applications.

Test cases can be created manually or using software testing tools. They are an essential part of software development and should be used wherever possible to ensure the quality and functionality of your applications, including end-user test execution.

How To Write Test Cases In Software Testing

Writing test cases is an essential part of software testing. Without them, it would not be easy to verify the results of your tests. Test cases are templates that help automate the testing process. They help specify the conditions under which a particular functionality should be tested, including the postcondition.

For example, a test case could include clicking the login button and verifying that the user is directed to the correct page.

Creating test cases ensures your software functions as expected and performs properly in all situations, including login functionality where the user enters their username and password. Additionally, TCs are necessary for manual testing – without them, it would be difficult to verify the results of your tests. So make sure to write test cases and test them frequently!

Best Practice for Writing Good Test Case For Tester

Writing good pre-test cases is essential for testing the functionality and usability of your software or application. If you follow best practices for software requirements, your TCs will be easy to follow and understand, and you’ll be able to run them frequently to ensure they’re accurate.

Include all the necessary details in your test cases to test the software under all possible conditions. Finally, ensure your test cases are easy to follow and run so that everyone involved in testing can get the most out of them. You can also provide a tutorial to help users understand how to run the test cases effectively.

Basic Format of Test Cases Excel Sheet

Creating test cases with a traceability matrix is essential to software testing, including regression testing. A test case is a scenario you use to test software or system. The statement of the problem, what you want to be tested, and the conditions under which the test will take place are all included in a test case.

A TC can be used to verify that your application works as expected or to find problems early in development. Writing test cases well makes it easier for you and other developers to work on your project.

Now, we will see how to create a basic test case format. First, we will create the test case template and then implement the test cases as required. So, to create a test case template, I will open an Excel sheet and add the required fields, including documentation.

So before start writing the test case template, let’s see what fields are necessary in a TCs template while writing test cases. Here is the fields list:

Project Name
Created By
Reviewed By
Test Scenario ID
Test Case ID
Test Steps
Post Conditions
Actual Result
Executed By
Comments ( if any )
Module Name
Creation Date
Reviewed Date
Test Scenario Description
Test Case Description
Expected Result
Executed Date

For details on how to write test cases in manual testing, we have already shared a detailed article on our SoftwareTestingo Blog. You can check by clicking How to Write Test Cases in Software Testing. Link.

Manual Test Cases

Manual Testing Test Cases QA

We noticed that the interviewer mostly gave some real-time scenarios and expected test cases. If you have good knowledge of that application, you need to think as much as possible about test scenarios. If you are unaware of that application, you can ask for the details of the application, which is called Business Rules and Acceptance Criteria.

Different Types of Test Case Scenarios

Test cases are a set of specific instructions or criteria that are used to determine whether a piece of code is working correctly. These test cases can be designed to test different aspects of the code, such as its functionality, performance, or security. In some cases, test cases may be designed to intentionally cause the code to fail, for example, by providing incorrect input or attempting to access restricted areas.

This is done to verify that the code can handle such situations and respond appropriately rather than crashing or behaving unexpectedly. So, based on the behaviors, we can divide the test cases into the following:

Test Cases In Software Testing Examples 1

Test Cases Examples ~ Test Cases Scenario Example

We Know if someone started his/her career as a manual tester, then the first assigned work for him may be writing test cases. In that time, you may be looking for Test Cases in Software Testing Examples PDF, which will help you to understand how to write test cases.

We will provide the manual testing projects with test cases in a PDF. So, if you have been searching for Test Cases in the Software Testing Examples PDF, we will gladly share the test cases below.

The manual testing projects below with test cases pdf can be used for software testing, performance testing, and penetration testing. The test case example for manual testing provided in the PDF is only an example to give you a better idea of how these tools work best in the software development environment (development/testing).

Functional Test Case Examples

Functional Test Cases

When you see the headline, you may wonder: What is a functional test case example? So, let us try to explain what a functional test case example is.

A functional test case is a valuable tool for testers that helps ensure that a new function or feature works as expected. Creating and running a functional test case lets you quickly determine if the function or feature works as intended. This process helps prevent any unexpected side effects during the release process, which could lead to chaos and instability. 

Functional tests should be conducted throughout the development cycle – at the initial design stage, during development, and after release. They help to identify potential issues early on so that they can be fixed before users experience them.

Additionally, continuous testing allows for corrections to be made as soon as they’re identified – saving time and resources both now and in the future. So, why make sure your functions work as expected? It’s simple – without proper functionality verification, there’s no way of knowing whether your product is ready for release!

Mobile App Test Cases In Software Testing

Mobile Apps Test Cases

Nowadays, mobile apps are common for almost every application. So, mobile app test cases are essential to validate the functionality of the various mobile applications. So, as per the request, we are developing some detailed mobile app test cases here.

Test Cases Example For Web Application

Web Application Test Cases

Validating a web application is a challenging task because web applications contain so many elements. So, validating each of those web elements needs detailed test cases. We have listed the positive and negative test cases of those elements on many websites.

Sample Functional Test Cases Example For Web Application In Manual Testing

We are getting many requests to update more test case examples for web applications. We guess one of the major reasons is as manual testers, we mostly validate web applications. This is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any QA or testers because, in a web application, you can find so many web elements, and you have to validate each.

So, as promised, we are trying to bring as many Web applications test scenarios or cases as possible. We hope these test case examples for web applications will help you understand how to validate a web page’s web elements.

We have shared some of the web page element’s functional test cases for web applications in manual testing. However, we may find new web page elements when validating different applications. So, if possible, can you share those elements’ details with us so we can share the sample functional test cases example for web applications in manual testing?

How do you write manual test cases in manual testing?

  • You must remember some points when writing test cases, like writing the test case so that each step will test one thing at a time. Don’t complicate it by testing multiple things in a single test scenario.
  • Try to cover positive and negative test cases to help provide a quality product to the users and help the organization.
  • Try to write the test cases in a simple word that every word can easily understand.
  • Write the test steps in a passive voice, like this. Do that, and it should be.
  • When writing test steps, try to use the exact name for the fields.

Download Test Scenario Template | Manual Test Cases Template

Download Test Cases

Every business person wants to understand and use the software, but not all can make a full test plan. A Manual test scenario template helps create a complete test plan for testing the software at different stages of development. This test case example template helps developers test the software without writing any code by automating the entire process of building, executing, and monitoring the tests.

Manual test cases are one of the most important aspects of any testing process. They help you to define what needs to be tested and how it needs to be tested. Below, we will provide a test case example template for manual test cases that you can download and use in your testing process.

For Reference, You Can Take reference to the below manual test cases template, and we are working to add manual testing sample projects pdf:

Note: The template format may vary from organization to organization because every organization follows according to its requirements.


In conclusion, test cases are an essential component of software testing. They provide a systematic approach to verifying the quality and functionality of software applications. Writing effective test cases requires attention to detail, critical thinking, and a thorough understanding of the software application.

Test case templates provide a structured format for organizing and documenting test cases, making it easier for testers to execute them. Excel is a popular tool for managing and organizing test cases, allowing testers to create, track, and report on their progress.

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