Test Cases For Edit Profile Page

Test Cases For Edit Profile Page: Here, we will share the possible test scenarios for the test cases for edit functionality after clicking the edit button.

The Same test cases can be asked in different manners, like test cases for the edit profile page, test cases for edit functionality, test cases for an edit button, edit profile test cases, test cases for update functionality, and test cases for added functionality.

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Test Cases For Edit Button

  • Check the edit button displayed on the webpage.
  • Check if the icon is displayed on the edit button.
  • Check on clicking the edit button; the user should be redirected to the edit page.
  • Check all the field values are displayed on the respective fields of the edit page.
  • Check that the user can edit the record by entering valid data.
  • Check if the user can edit the non-editable fields.
  • Check the functionality of the reset button when the user edits the page.
  • Check if the user can update the record by placing the invalid data.
  • Check the expected behavior of an edit page by clicking the update button without modifying any value.
  • Clicking the update button without filling in the mandatory field should display an alert message.
  • The check success message should be displayed if the record was updated successfully.

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