Online Core Java Tutorial for Beginners

Online Core Java Tutorial for Beginners: Welcome to Core Java Tutorial. I have written a lot on Core Java and Java EE frameworks. There was no indexed post for the Core Java tutorial, and I used to get emails asking to make one so that any beginner could follow them and learn Core Java programming. Finally, I got time, and here I am listing all the core Java tutorial-related posts that I think will help you in learning core Java in no time. This list is updated till Java-10, and soon it will be updated with the latest changes in Java-11 and beyond.

We are trying to cover all the topics required for Java selenium testers, including the Java collections framework. And for that, finally, we have prepared the complete list and the tutorial post. Any beginner can learn Java online quickly without anyone’s help by following all these Java tutorials that cover the Java collections framework.

Learn Java for Beginners

This Core Java Tutorial for Beginners post systematically contains all the links to all the covered topics, from the Java tutorials for beginners to the advanced topics. We have prepared these tutorials to help all categories of learners.

This series of Java blog posts helps a college student interested in learning Java programming online or a working employee who is interested in understanding and implementing those for building a Java application or implementing them in their work. On all these things, these Core Java Tutorials for Beginners will help you.

Learn Online Core Java Tutorial for Beginners

In today’s digital age, learning a programming language is an essential skill for anyone looking to build a career in the tech industry. Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and when you want to explore the Java language, is a great place to start for beginners.

With the convenience of online learning, you can easily access comprehensive and interactive Java tutorials that cover everything from the basics to the more advanced concepts of software engineering, including web applications. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of learning Java online and recommend some of the best online resources for beginners to get started with their Core Java tutorials. Whether you want to change careers or learn a new skill, these online Java tutorials with user interfaces are a great place to start exploring web applications.

What is Java Language?

Java is one of the commanding general-purpose programming languages used in the real world. We can develop various mobile and desktop applications and embedded systems using this Java programming language, including mobile application development with Android mobile apps. If you count the number of benefits of Javed, the list Will Go On.

Sun Microsystem developed this popular Java programming language, but later on, Oracle acquired Java. The official statement of uses of Java programming language then you can find out that there are more than 3 billion + active users or active downloads of Java SE programming software, which sources the popularity of the robust programming language Java virtual machine.

Let’s start with some basic concepts of Java, including arithmetic and the constructor, which is a special method used to initialize objects in Java. This will help learn Java programming for beginners with some step-by-step tutorials and simple Java programs. Additionally, if you are interested in learning Python, it is important to understand the basics of Java programming as well.

What is Core Java?

In learning Java programming language, it may be hard to understand the basic terms of Java: Core Java and Advanced Java. So before digging into the Java tutorial concept, little do you know about core Java and Advanced Java? Understanding the basics of HTML can also be helpful in learning Java, as HTML is used to create the user interface for Java applications.

  • Core Java
  • Advanced Java

Core Java: Sun Microsystem uses the term Core Java. A basic version of Java refers to the collection of libraries rather than the object-oriented programming language. It is a standalone Java application that covers various topics like the OOPS concept, operators, data types, wrapper classes, collection & and exception handling. JavaFX is a popular library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in Java. An algorithm is an important part of Core Java, as it helps in solving complex problems efficiently.

Advanced Java: Advanced Java is also one of the parts of the Java programming language. But you can even say that the adventure is everything beyond Core Java. Advance Java, mostly the API, is defined in Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), including servlet programming and web Services with java ee. It combines web and enterprise application development, following client and server architecture. With the increasing importance of the internet, knowledge of Advanced Java , including regex, is becoming more and more crucial for developers.

Core Java Tutorial For Beginners

Online Core Java Tutorial for Beginners

If you are a beginner to Java programming, I suggest you start your learning journey here. These tutorials will give an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and principles related to Java language, including generics. Moreover, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the language, they’ll still be easy to understand.

We’ve ensured each tutorial covers relevant examples and programs, including data structure and operating system, making it easier for learners to pick up Java programming basics quickly! So get started now – with our guidance, mastering the Java platform and its operating system will be an effort.

Java Setup

Introduction To Java Programming Language

Java Introduction

Java Program Basic

Java Tutorial: Naming Conventions In Java

Java Tutorial Naming Conventions

Basics of Java

Data Types and Variables

Core Java Tutorial – Operators

Core Java Tutorial – Operators
Relational Operators
Assignment Operators
Conditional Operators
Shift Operators
Short Circuit Operator

Core Java Tutorial – Control Statements

Core Java Tutorial – Control Statements

Input and Output

Read Single Character from Keyboard
Scanner Class In Java
Read String from Keyboard
Printf In Java

Core Java Tutorial – Arrays

Core Java Tutorial – Arrays
Passing Arrays to Methods in Java
How to Return Array in Java from a Method

Core Java Tutorial – String

Core Java Tutorial – String

StringBuffer and StringBuilder

String Conversion

Conversion In Java
Convert String To Int In Java
Convert String To Long In Java
Convert String To Float In Java
Convert String To Double In Java
Convert String To Boolean In Java
Convert Int To Long In Java
Convert Char To Int In Java
Convert Int To String In Java
Convert Long To String In Java
Convert Float To String In Java
Convert Double To String In Java
Convert Char To String In Java
Convert Boolean To String In Java
Convert Int To Double In Java

Object Oriented Programming System

Core Java Tutorial – Modifiers

Classes and Objects


Inner Classes







Arguments and Parameters
Return Type in Java
Call by Value and Call by Reference

Method Overloading

Method Overriding

Covariant Return Type in Java
Dynamic Method Dispatch in Java


Exception Handling

Java Catch Multiple Exceptions
Nested Try Catch In Java
User Defined Exception in Java
Throwable class in Java
Return Statement in Try-catch block
When Finally block is not Executed
Exception Handling Interview Programs
Checked Exception VS Unchecked Exception In Java

Wrapper Class

Byte Class
Integer Class
Double Class
Boolean Class
Number Class
Short Class
Long Class
Float Class
Math Class in Java


Annotations in Java
Custom Annotation in Java

Java Collections Tutorials

Java Collections Tutorials

Java List Interface and Implementation Classes

Java Enumeration
ListIterator in Java

Java Set Interface and Implementation Classes

Java Set <interface>
Java SortedSet <interface>
Java HashSet <class>
Java TreeSet <class>
Java NavigableSet <interface>

Java Queue Interface and Implementation Classes

Java Queue <interface>
PriorityQueue <class>
Deque <interface>
ArrayDeque Java Class

Java Map Interface and Implementation Classes

Java Map <interface>
Java Navigable Map <interface>
Java HashMap <class>
WeakHashMap in Java
EnumMap in Java
Properties in Java
Java Sorted Map <interface>
Java TreeMap <class>
IdentityHashMap in Java

Files In Java

Java Thread

Java Thread Tutorials
What is Thread in Java
Thread Class in Java
Life Cycle of Thread in Java
Thread Scheduler in Java
Stop Thread in Java
Yield Method in Java
Thread Synchronization in Java
Deadlock in Java
Inter Thread Communication in Java
Volatile Keyword in Java
Thread Exception in Java
Java Multithreading
Creating Threads in Java
Creating Multiple Threads in Java
Thread Priority in Java
Java Thread Sleep
Java Thread Join
Synchronized Method in Java
Synchronization Block in Java
Daemon Thread in Java
Java Thread Pool

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions in Java
Java Reflection API Tutorial

Garbage Collection

Finalize with Java Cleaner API

Java Programs



This tutorial covers all the essential concepts of Core Java, including syntax, data types, control structures, object-oriented programming, and exception handling. With the help of numerous examples, the tutorial provides learners with practical insights into the use of Java programming constructs.

Furthermore, in the tutorial, we will try to cover advanced topics such as multithreading, networking, and database connectivity, making it a valuable resource for learners looking to deepen their knowledge of Java programming.

Overall, the Core Java tutorial for beginners is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning Java programming. It provides a solid foundation for more advanced Java programming topics.

If you found this blog post on Core Java Tutorial for Beginners helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues who may benefit from it. Also, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for future blog posts. Your engagement helps us create more valuable content for you and the Java programming community. So, don’t hesitate to share and comment on this post.

What is the best Java Tutorial?

There are many great Java tutorials available online, but the best programming language tutorial for beginners is “Java Tutorial for Beginners” by SoftwareTestingo. This comprehensive tutorial covers all the basics of Java programming and provides clear explanations and examples to help beginners grasp the concepts easily.

What is best way to learn java for a beginner?

The best way for a beginner to learn Java is to start with online tutorials or courses specifically designed for beginners. These resources provide step-by-step instructions, practice exercises, and real-life examples to help beginners grasp the basics of Java programming and build a strong foundation

Is there a downloadable Java tutorial?

Yes, there are many downloadable Java tutorials available online that you can access and learn from at your own pace. These tutorials often come in the form of eBooks or PDF documents that you can download and use offline for your convenience.

Which sites are good for learning Java?

Some popular websites for learning Java include Codecademy, Udemy, SoftwareTestingo, and Oracle’s official Java documentation. These platforms offer comprehensive tutorials, video courses, and practice exercises to help beginners learn Java programming effectively.

What’s the best way to learn Java?

The best way to learn Java is through a combination of online tutorials, coding exercises, and hands-on projects. Start by learning the basics, then gradually progress to more advanced topics. Practice writing code regularly and seek out resources like forums and communities to ask questions and get feedback.

I love open-source technologies and am very passionate about software development. I like to share my knowledge with others, especially on technology that's why I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for beginners. All the code posted on my blog is developed, compiled, and tested in my development environment. If you find any mistakes or bugs, Please drop an email to, or You can join me on Linkedin.

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