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Interview Questions Asked: The number of potential interview questions is endless, but being prepared for anything is always a good idea. With these interview questions asked to post, we are trying to put together this list of possible questions for you to review.

As you know, Interviews can be high-stress, and anxiety-driving, especially if it’s your first interview. However, a little practice and preparation always pay off. Because we can’t know precisely what an employer will ask, that’s why we have to prepare ourselves for all types of questions in the interview.

Before you attend any interview, take some time to review these commonly asked questions and come up with sample answers on your own. And in the middle, if you want some help, you can refer to the various Interview Questions Asked posts we mentioned below.

Then, based on your skills and experience, tailor your responses to fit the job you’re interviewing for. Remember, the interviewer is looking for the best candidate, not the person with the “right” answers.

Interview Questions Asked On Java

Although not all interviewers will focus on algorithms and data structures, you will likely be asked questions about the programming language(s) in which you claim to be an expert at some point. In these interviews, the goal isn’t to trick you with “gotcha” questions but to gauge your practical knowledge and experience with the language.

One way to prepare for these sorts of questions is to review your past projects and think about how you would explain your code to someone unfamiliar with the language. By articulating your thought process and understanding of the language, you will be better equipped to handle any questions that come your way.

Before Going through the below Interview Questions Asked On Java, you can brush up on your Java knowledge by reading the Java Tutorials, where we cover all the topics in detail.

Interview Questions Asked On Software Testing

Being well-prepared for your interviews is crucial if you want to give yourself the best chance at nailing them. You can do all the research about the company you’re interviewing for, but sometimes the interview questions are designed to take you out of the race.

Our guide will help you feel more confident going into your interviews by exploring some commonly asked QA questions and providing answers. With this guide, you’ll be better equipped to handle whatever curveballs the interviewer throws your way.

In most interviews for quality assurance positions, the interviewer will be interested in two things: your abilities as a QA engineer and how you approach testing. They’ll ask you some QA interview questions that may seem open-ended or vague. This is because they want to gauge your problem-solving skills and see how you react under pressure. They’re trying to get a sense of the kind of worker you are and, more importantly, if you’re the kind of worker that would fit in with their testing team.

Interview Questions Asked On Manual Testing

Interview Questions Asked On Automation

Before going through the interview questions below, we suggest you follow the Selenium TutorialsGit Tutorials, and other tutorials.

Interview Questions Asked On API

Interview Questions Asked On SQL

Interview Questions Asked On Real-time

Interview Questions Asked On Topics

Interview Questions Asked On Role Based

Interview Questions Asked On Other


We believe after going through all the Interview Questions Asked of various subjects and roles will give you confidence in how to give the answers that the interviewer expects. We try to cover all of them, but if we miss something, you can inform us by commenting in the comment section of this post.

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