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Software Testing Project Related Interview Questions: Software testing is an essential part of software development that ensures software products’ quality, functionality, and reliability. In a software testing project, a team of professionals is responsible for planning, designing, executing, and reporting on tests to ensure that the software meets the desired quality standards.

If you are preparing for a software testing project related interview, it is essential to have a solid understanding of software testing concepts, methodologies, and tools. Software testing project related interview questions are designed to assess your knowledge and proficiency in these areas and your ability to work collaboratively, manage resources, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

This article will explore some common software testing project related interview questions and provide tips on approaching them. By mastering these questions, you can demonstrate your expertise and increase your chances of landing your dream software testing job.

We also have a dedicated for the Software Testing Interview Questions, where we are mentioned various software testing company’s interviews, and we believe that you will follow those Interview Questions. You may find what types of questions you may expect in the interview or the questions which are asked earlier in the interviews.

  • Explain your project.
  • Tell me your roles and responsibilities.
  • What type of tests have you performed?
  • What is a hybrid testing framework? List the frameworks used in your project.
  • How many test cases have you automated?
  • How much % of your application is automated?
  • If a captcha is present in your project, how do you automate it?
  • List all the challenges faced in your project.
  • How do you report if there is a bug in the software?
  • Who all joins the scrum meeting calls?
  • Have you implemented the framework from scratch?
  • When do you start writing test cases/test scripts?
  • How can be good selenium test cases written?
  • What was the duration of your project?
  • Explain your project.
  • How many testers were there on this project?
  • According to you, which was the complex part of the project from a testing point of view.
  • How did you do the testing of your project?
  • How many test cases have you designed? How many do you write in a day?
  • How many bugs did you find?
  • Tell me any high Severity bugs that you found.
  • What happens when the client changes requirements?
  • Which tool do you use for defect reporting?
  • What is the database used for your project?
  • In which technology is this application developed?


Software testing project related interview questions are designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of project management, risk assessment, test planning, and communication skills. Answering these questions requires a combination of technical expertise and project management skills, and candidates must prepare effectively for such questions. Researching common project related topics and practicing responses are essential to succeed in a software testing project interview.

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