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We have seen so many Software Testing Documents shared throughout various social platforms. We are trying to put it all together in a single place. Here we will list all the document names that are currently with us.

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ISTQB ISEB Materials

  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 1
  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 2
  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 3
  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 4
  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 5
  • ISTQB ISEB Foundation Exam Practice Chapter 6
  • Study Sessions Module 3 of 6
  • Study Sessions Module 6 of 6
  • Training Sessions

Java Software Testing Documents

  • Core Java by DurgaSoft Hyderabad (Mr. Ratan)
  • Core Java Note By Suresh (Inetsolv)
  • Frc Java Programming
  • Modular Programming In Java 9
  • OCAOCP Java SE 8 Programmer – Practice Tests
  • Java Data Structures and Programming

DurgaSoft Core Java With SCJP-OCJP Material

We Suggest the Core Java Tutorial, Which we designed for all types of candidates and also we try to cover with examples.

  • Language Fundamentals
  • Operators Assignments
  • Flow Control
  • Declaration and Access Modifiers
  • OOPS
  • Exception Handling
  • Multi-Threading
  • Multi-Threading Enhancements
  • inner classes
  • java.lang package
  • File IO Package
  • Serialization
  • Regular Expression
  • Collections Frame Work
  • Generics
  • Garbage Collection
  • ENUM
  • Internationalization (I18N)
  • Development
  • Assertions
  • JVM Architecture
  • JAVA 8 Features

Manual Testing Software Testing Documents

  • Manual Testing Notes
  • Web Application Testing

Selenium Software Testing Documents

  • Selenium Complete Notes
  • Selenium Key Notes By Bhaku Praskash
  • Selenium GRID Note

API Testing

  • API Testing – Jaikishan
  • API Testing Using POSTMAN
  • Successful API Testing – Jaikishan
  • Understand REST API & HTTP

Jira Documents

  • Jira tool

SQL Software Testing Documents

  • SQL Notes
  • SQL Important Concepts Notes

Cheat Sheet Software Testing Documents

  • API Testing Cheat Sheet
  • Core Java Cheat Sheet
  • Selenium Cheat Sheet
  • Scrum Cheat Sheet
  • BDD Cucumber Selenium Cheat Sheet

Postman Tutorial

  • Postman Tutorial 1
  • Postman Tutorial 2

API Tutorial

  • API Tutorial 1
  • API Tutorial 2
  • API Tutorial 3


  • Scrum Tutorial


  • Agile Tutorial

Algorithms Notes

  • Algorithms Notes

Git Notes

  • Git

DevOps Notes

  • Devops Notes

More software testing documents will be shared soon.

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