Difference Between

With the help of these Difference Between posts, we are trying to give you the facility of understanding a topic in a detailed manner and in a point-to-point way. Bcoz we go through on the internet and we did not get a single post which is the describe the topics in a point to point the way.

Difference Between

So, the softwaretestingo team plan to come off with a series “Difference between”. Where we are going to explain the topics in a detail with this Difference between series of posts. Previously also we have shared various companies testing interview questions and tutorials also.

Some topics have already been published, Please check the below-given links:

Manual Testing

  • Master Test Plan And Test Plan
  • Test Plan And Test Strategy
  • Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing
  • Quality Assurance(QA) VS Quality Control(QC)
  • Positive Testing and Negative Testing
  • Performance Testing Vs Load Testing Vs Stress Testing
  • Smoke Testing VS Sanity Testing
  • Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing
  • Agile Model and V-Model
  • V-Model vs Scrum
  • Agile Vs Waterfall
  • Waterfall Model and Spiral Model
  • Waterfall model and Prototype model
  • Waterfall Vs Scrum
  • Waterfall Vs V Model
  • SDLC and STLC
  • Functional and Non-functional Testing
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing
  • SDLC vs Agile
  • SDLC and Waterfall Model
  • Rapid Application Development vs Traditional SDLC
  • Unit Testing vs Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing VS. Functional Testing
  • Functional Testing vs. Usability Testing
  • functional testing and structural testing
  • Component Testing and Unit Testing
  • Regression Testing and Integration Testing
  • Alpha and Beta Testing
  • Entry And Exit Criteria
  • Verification And Validation
  • Functional testing and API Testing
  • Functional Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Unit Testing and System Testing
  • White Box Testing and Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing and Automation Testing
  • API vs Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing
  • System vs Integration Testing
  • System Testing and Acceptance Testing
  • Acceptance Criteria vs Acceptance Tests
  • QA and UAT Testing
  • Regression and Confirmation testing
  • Retesting and Regression Testing
  • System Testing and End-to-end Testing
  • End-to-End Testing vs Integration Testing
  • Black Box Testing vs White Box Testing
  • Black Box vs. Grey Box Testing
  • Boundary Value Analysis & Equivalence Partitioning
  • Volume Testing and Load Testing
  • Stress Testing and Volume Testing
  • Functional Testing vs. Usability Testing
  • User Testing v/s Usability Testing
  • Cross Browser and Parallel Testing
  • Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing
  • BRS vs SRS
  • Test Case Vs Test Scenario
  • Performance Engineering Vs Performance Testing




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