Difference Between Agile Model and V Model

Difference Between Agile Model and V Model: For Developing the software, most of the organizations are following different methodologies like waterfall model, iterative method, etc. In the past few years, the Agile Model has been preferred by most companies to develop software following lean principles.

So in this post, we are going to discuss mainly the difference between the Agile Model and V Model, where many of the organizations are currently following the Agile Model, as it is very easy to follow and also we can able to get frequent delivery. For completeness let’s first discuss both methodologies in detail.

Agile Model

Agile Model is an iterative and incremental approach, it allows us to deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each iteration (timebox), and continuously improve it. The main idea behind Agile Model is to make processes adaptive rather than following a set of rigid rules.

The agile model follows four principles:

  • Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software
  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development
  • Working software is delivered at the end of each iteration
  • Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers.

The agile Model has boosted the speed and quality of software development. Rather than implementing a feature all at once and releasing it as one chunk of work, you do just enough to satisfy the customer. This saves time and money because changes are easy to make.

V Model

V-Model is a traditional software development model. It is used for developing large projects in which there are many phases like requirement analysis, design, code, and testing.

The V-model has the following three main phases:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design phase
  • Implementation phase

In this process, most of the time is spent on the design phase and then comes the implementation phase, so in this process, we can able to get a better quality of software.

Comparison between Agile Model and V Model:

A few of the differences between the Agile Model and V Model are as follows:

In the agile model, every phase has more timebox in comparison to V-model, so it allows organizations to deliver products frequently without any delay. Also in the Agile Model, we don’t have any hard rules to follow it.

In the V-Model project manager is following a sequential phase process where the requirement analysis phase will be followed by the design phase and then the implementation phase, so in this model, we can able to get better quality of software.

The main difference between Agile Model and V-Model is the time duration, as most of the organizations have a budget on annual basis, so it’s difficult to get frequent delivery of the product. Also, organizations can’t able to work with changing requirements, which will affect the quality of software developed by organizations.

The comparison chart below will help us for a better view of both the Agile Model and V Model methodologies.

V ModelAgile Model
It is good for large projects where the work must be done in a sequential way.It is good for small projects or large projects where the work is to be done iteratively.
There is more focus on design compared to the implementationThere is more focus on coding and testing compared to design Works well with structured methodologies such as waterfall Works better with unstructured approach, e.g., Scrum
There is a huge amount of planning before they start development. We need to do very little planning as we need to follow scrum methodology. It generally follows three phases which are design, implementation, and testingThe agile model has four steps i.e., sprint planning, daily scrum meeting, review meeting, and retrospective.
There is more focus on documentation of design and implementation details.There is more focus on communication among various team members including clients

Hope this will help for a better understanding of both methodologies, where you may start using one for your project depending upon the size and requirements of the project.

Conclusion :

Agile Model is an easy and inexpensive way to follow for developing Software while V-Model is a traditional method that helps in getting quality of the product.

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