Manual Vs Automation Testing, Difference & Which Should Use?

Manual Vs Automation:

Manual Testing

In manual testing, the testing of software is done by testers manually executing the test cases. it is carried out when software development is going on.

During the manual testing process, the testers test each function of the application or software. during the testing process, the testers execute the developed test cases and prepare the execution report based on the output of the test cases without using any automation software testing tools. Manual testing is one of the basic ways to test the application for finding the bugs in that and it is taken care of by one of the experienced testers.

Automation Testing

In this process, the automation testers are created the test scripts based on the test cases which were developed by the manual testers. for writing or preparing the test scripts automation testers are used some tools so that they can write the scripts and validate the functionality of the software. In this process, the main goal of the automation testers is to validate the software application in less time by executing the complete test cases.

Automation testers are completely dependent upon the script because they run the script and compare the actual result with the expected results. by comparing both the results they determine whether the application is working or performing as expected or not.

One of the major benefits of automation testing is it allows us to do regression and do repetitive jobs without the help of manual testers. Below you can find the Manual Vs Automation Testing advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of Manual testing

  • It will help you to get fast and correct visual feedback as you can start testing during development.
  • You can test an application by investing less because in manual testing we are not going to use any automation tools.
  • Sometimes depends upon tools to verify, verification is done by the human to benefit the application.
  • For testing a small change, the manual test is preferable because for testing through automation you need to prepare a script for the change then only you can test.

The disadvantage of Manual testing

  • It is a less reliable testing method because it is done by a human. so there is always a chance of mistakes or errors.
  • The manual testing process can’t be reordered, so we can’t reuse the manual test process.
  • There are certain tasks are there which is requiring more time to test the application or software.

The advantage of Automation testing

  • Automation testing helps find more bugs as compared to a human tester.
  • If most of the functionality is automated then you can get a speedy and efficient process.
  • The automation process can be recorded so when you test the same kind of application at that time you can reuse and execute.
  • By using automation testing we can increase productivity because we can get fast and accurate test results.
  • Test coverage of the application can be increased because tools are never forgotten to test any unit.

The disadvantage of automation testing

  • Without human interference, it is very much difficult to get visual insights like The UI colors, fonts, size, and buttons size.
  • When we are using the automation tools the cost of the project is increased.
  • Every automation tools have some limitation so it is not possible to get 100% testing coverage.
  • Debugging the test script is a major issue during automation testing.

I hope after reading this article you are now able to understand that what is the main difference between Manual Vs Automation testing and its importance. But still, if you feel that I have missed something to mention about Manual Vs Automation, then you can comment about that in the comment section and we’ll try to add about those in this post.

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