Project Management Tool JIRA Interview Questions

Project Management Tool JIRA Interview Questions: This tutorial covers the most frequently asked Atlassian JIRA interview questions with detailed answers. Defect management tools or say Bug tracking tools have been a part of software testing and development cycles for years.

This defect tracking tool is not only used for convenience-related features like recording, reporting but is also integrated directly with the code development environment. JIRA is an efficient tool and can track any defects/issues. JIRA also supports agile projects.

Now, the above was the basic description of Atlassian JIRA, defect tracking tool. Through this article, we will discuss multiple interview questions and answers, which will help you understand this tool much better as well as, on the other hand, will help prepare for your interview.

Project Management Tool JIRA Interview Questions

  • How can you link test cases to JIRA issues?
  • How do you track testing status and coverage using JIRA?
  • How do you represent the testing workflow in JIRA boards?
  • How can you import and export test cases and test runs from JIRA?
  • How do you link defects found during testing to issues in JIRA?
  • What details do you capture when logging bugs in JIRA?
  • How do you track bug status changes from identification to fix?
  • How do you identify bug priority and severity in JIRA?
  • What queries do you run in JIRA to generate test reports?
  • How can you visualize testing metrics using JIRA dashboards?
  • How do you manage test environments and data using JIRA?
  • How do you track deployments and release readiness using JIRA?
  • How can you represent the overall test process workflow in JIRA?
  • What are the different field customizations useful for test management?
  • What permissions do testers need in JIRA? How are they managed?
  • What integrations are useful between JIRA and test management tools?
  • How can you track and manage automated test cases in JIRA?
  • How do you organize and filter test cases for specific features or modules?
  • How can you reuse and maintain test libraries using JIRA?
  • How do you manage test data for large test suites in JIRA?
  • How can you analyze testing progress and coverage by builds?
  • How do you manage and track exploratory vs scripted testing?
  • How can you optimize JIRA for large test teams?
  • What custom fields help track testing in agile sprints?
  • How can Service Desk help manage tester tickets?
  • What types of useful reports can you generate around testing?
  • How do you track capability and skills of test resources using JIRA?
  • How can you view trends on software stability and quality over releases?
  • How do you audit changes to requirements and test cases?
  • How can you integrate automation frameworks like Selenium with JIRA?
  • What metrics help track and improve tester productivity from JIRA?
  • How do you analyze field defects and bugs using JIRA reports?
  • How can Burndown charts provide visibility into testing progress?
  • How can you estimate testing effort for issues in JIRA?
  • What are benefits and limitations of JIRA for test management?
  • What are important access permissions for QA teams in JIRA?
  • How can you customize screens and workflows for the QA process?
  • What modules or apps extend JIRA for test management?
  • How can you track readiness for production deployment?
  • How do you manage documentation and knowledge transfer?
  • How can you optimize JIRA search for test assets?
  • What are best practices for linking test documentation artifacts?
  • How do you track and manage device labs using JIRA?
  • How can Visibility boards provide QA analytics?
  • What benefits does Zephyr provide over base JIRA testing?
  • How can you track capacity, capability and skills of QA teams?
  • What reports help identify bottlenecks in the testing process?
  • How do you analyze the impact of code changes to QA scope using JIRA?
  • How can Jira Align improve traceability between issues?
  • How can you track non-functional aspects like security and performance?
  • How do you track reliability trends across versions in JIRA?
  • How can you quantify technical debt in terms of testing?
  • What steps help optimize JIRA for large test suites?
  • How do you track and visualize coverage of test design techniques?
  • How would you estimate re-testing efforts for regressions?
  • How can review tools like Crucible integrate with JIRA?
  • What benefits does Xray provide for test management?
  • How can Bugzilla integration help enrich JIRA tests?
  • What reporting helps test management and decision making?
  • How do you track SLAs and compliance using JIRA?
  • What visualizations help identify bottlenecks in testing?
  • How do you capture metrics on system reliability over releases?
  • How do you gather feedback from users to drive exploratory testing?
  • How would you track readiness vs value delivered to customers?
  • How can you quantify cost savings from test automation?
  • What integration helps JIRA connect with automation frameworks?
  • How can graphing and charting improve visibility into testing?
  • How doesplanned vs actual effort help improve estimations?
  • How can you optimize JIRA for distributed teams and locations?
  • What are some key challenges for JIRA in test management?
  • Can migrations help bring existing test assets into JIRA?
  • How do you optimize JIRA for rapidly changing requirements?
  • What reports help identify stale or unused test cases?
  • How do you link defects with test runs tracing their origins?
  • How can JIRA integrations improve context for failures?
  • What collaboration helps improve knowledge sharing in QA?
  • How would you track vendor testing services using JIRA?
  • How can you quantify quality improvement across releases?
  • What security permissions help prevent test case tampering?
  • How do you analyze reliability across various hardware configurations?
  • How can you optimize filtering test cases to run?
  • What custom fields help track device validation and certification?
  • How do you correlate production defects with test coverage gaps?
  • How can automation provide rapid feedback on business risks?
  • What can machine learning provide in terms of test optimization?
  • How would you track and manage crowd-sourced testing?
  • What operational metrics help govern test process improvements?
  • How can JIRA integrations improve root cause analysis?
  • What techniques help review tests themselves for correctness?
  • How would you optimize JIRA for global 24 x 7 QA teams?
  • How can you gather feedback to improve test reporting?
  • What inspector tools can integrate with JIRA for code quality?
  • How does test management in JIRA aid compliance and audits?
  • How can you forecast budgets and resources needed for testing?
  • What are considerations for physical devices inventory management?
  • How can Business Intelligence improve QA spend visibility?
  • What are considerations for versioning test cases effectively?
  • How would you optimize automated failure triage and clustering?
  • How can you quantify improvements in mean time to restore service?
  • What benefits and alternatives exist vs open source test management?

JIRA Interview Questions

  • How do you create a new project in JIRA?
  • Explain the difference between a JIRA issue and a JIRA project.
  • Can you describe the purpose of JIRA workflows and how they can be customized?
  • What is the role of a JIRA Scrum Board, and how is it different from a Kanban Board?
  • How do you link issues in JIRA, and why is this feature important?
  • What are the key components of a JIRA dashboard, and how can it be customized for different team members?
  • Explain the concept of an Epic in JIRA and how it relates to user stories and tasks.
  • How do you manage permissions and security in JIRA to control access to different features and information?
  • Describe the integration capabilities of JIRA with other tools and systems.
  • Can you explain the concept of a JIRA sprint, and how do you plan and manage sprints in JIRA Agile?

VSTS (Azure DevOps) Interview Questions

  • What is the difference between VSTS and Azure DevOps?
  • How do you set up version control in VSTS, and what are the branching strategies you are familiar with?
  • Explain the role of build and release pipelines in VSTS and how they contribute to Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  • How does VSTS support Agile methodologies, and what features does it provide for Scrum and Kanban?
  • Describe the process of creating and managing work items in VSTS.
  • What is the purpose of a VSTS dashboard, and how can it be customized for different stakeholders?
  • How do you handle test management in VSTS, and what testing frameworks are compatible with it?
  • Explain the concept of Azure Boards in the context of VSTS.
  • How does VSTS handle code reviews, and what tools are available for code analysis and quality assurance?
  • Describe the integration capabilities of VSTS with other Azure services and third-party tools.


Through this article, I have covered everything necessary to know as a part of understanding and learning this famous and most useful issue tracking tool, i.e. JIRA. Although it was not possible to take any ongoing project as an example to make things clear, I have created a new id and new project in JIRA so that I can provide my answers with screenshots for better understanding. I hope this article proves helpful for your preparation for interviews. All the best, and keep learning.

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