Selenium Python Interview Questions

Selenium Python Interview Questions: If you are looking for some Python selenium interview questions to crack the interview easily, you are in the right place. Here we will share some of the frequently asked Selenium Python interview questions for beginners & expert candidates.

As per our experience, we have noticed that good interviews do not ask questions about particular topics throughout the technical question-and-answer round. Normally they try to start with the basic Python Selenium interview questions, and as time passes, they are started asking questions based on your answers.

This is because !!! What could be better than an all-in-one solution for your python selenium interview questions ?! So hopefully, if you like this blog, bookmark it as we’ll keep updating our list of Python Selenium Interview Questions as & when candidates face any new updates/questions.

In addition, We have also added some more related interview questions for you to practice and learn about the concept of Python selenium. So, Let’s start with the list of Python Selenium Interview Questions:

Python Interview Questions For Freshers

  • What is the difference between lists and tuples in Python?
  • What are the key features of Python?
  • What type of language is python?
  • How is Python an interpreted language?
  • What is pep 8?
  • How is memory managed in Python?
  • What is a namespace in Python?
  • What is PYTHON PATH?
  • What are python modules?
  • What are local variables and global variables in Python?

Selenium Python Interview Questions

Experience: 2+ Years

  • Advantages of Python over Java in Selenium?
  • How to assert the text “Python” in the web page title?
  • Method for checking an element is visible and enabled?
  • Exceptions when an element is present in the DOM, but interactions with that element will hit another element?
  • How to wait until an element is no longer attached to the DOM?
  • How to import Selenium’s TimeoutException in Python?
  • What is MRO in python?
  • How will it identify when the web element has no unique locators?
  • write a program for the below pattern 1 12 123 1234 12345
  • How will you handle exceptions in python?
  • Explain the concept of Duck Typing in Python.

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