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Elevator Test Cases Scenario Template: In the Softwaretestingo Blog, we are trying to cover almost 100+ test cases, but in this post, we will discuss the test cases for elevators. Before writing the test cases, you must understand an elevator or lift. It is vertical transportation that helps people move between two building floors.

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What scenarios should be considered while writing test cases for an elevator(Lift)? Some of the use cases would be:

  • The elevator is capable of moving up and down.
  • It stops at each floor.
  • It moves precisely to that floor when the corresponding floor number is pressed.
  • It moves up when called from upward and down when called from downward.
  • It waits until the ‘close’ button is pressed.
  • If anyone steps in between the door at the time of closing, the door should open.
  • No breakpoints exist
  • More use cases for the load that the elevator can carry (if required)

Also, it is essential to test. When two people are accessing the lift from two different floors, the lift should go to the nearest floor in its way (e.g., if the lift is on the 5th floor, moving towards the 8th floor, and if two persons are one from the 7th floor and one from the 2nd-floor presses button, then lift should go 7th floor first and then only to 2nd floor)

In the above-said scenario, a decent algorithm would be present on where the elevator should go, taking the following parameters.

  • Where the lift stands (nearest floor)
  • In which direction the elevator goes (upwards or downwards)
  • Which direction the user wants to go (upwards and downwards)

So, the permutations of the 2nd and 3rd will give you more test cases.

Another Way:

I am going to divide my test cases into these four disciplines

  1. Philosophy
  2. Economy
  3. Marketing
  4. Operation Management
Test Cases For Elevator

Elevator Test Cases


  • Verify the height, width, and life volume per the requirement.
  • Verify that buttons for the closing lift, opening lift, fan, emergency, and all floor numbers should be on the button panel.
  • Verify the presence of a display where the floor number appears
  • Verify that the floor number is being announced on each floor
  • Verify the light and aroma, along with some instrumental music
  • Verify that the maximum number of people and weight is written on the wall and verify all emergency instructions.
  • Verify the up and down buttons outside the life
  • Verify the presence of the sensor


  • Verify power used in operation since this is not the main concern here, so I am just leaving this part.


  • Verify that the lift can move up and down
  • Verify that the lift can stop on floors pressed on the button panel.
  • Verify that the lift closes when the close button is placed or should close once after a few times as per the manual time.
  • Verify that the fan is working by pressing the respective button
  • Verify the sensor
  • When the lift is going to close, someone has just put any object or body parts between the lift doors.
  • Verify the maximum weighing capacity of life by putting the weight
  • Verify that when the weight exceeds the standard, then it should give some alert message, or some alert sound should ring.
  • Verify that the light and fan are running at power failure
  • Verify the jerk on power failure
  • Verify the speed of the lift. It shouldn’t be fast.
  • Verify that the elevator stops on the right floor, i.e., if users click on the 2nd floor, then lifts should stop on the 2nd floor, not the 4th floor.
  • Verify the landing speed of the lift
  • Verify the time between two successive floors.
  • Verify that lift doors can’t be opened when the lift is moving down or upward.
  • Verify that lift doors are closed when no one is using it
  • Verify that once the lift has crossed the specific floor and some person has to click to open the elevator, the lift should begin when the lift comes down.

Some test cases that are based on Reliability:

  • Verify the working of the lift on power failure
  • Verify the working of the lift once the power comes
  • Verify the working of the lift once the weight exceeds the standard weight. 


  • This is mainly done if we are testing lift for sale purposes.

Feel free to comment on the missed test cases in the comment section.

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