Test Case For White Papers

Test Case For White Papers | Test Scenarios For Paper: In this tutorial, we will discuss how to write test scenarios for papers and test cases for white papers. This guide will teach you how to write effective and efficient test cases in QA/Testing interviews or for testing a product.

The interviewer wants to test the basic testing skills, knowledge, and intuitiveness of your testing capabilities. If you are an experienced candidate, the interviewer wants to check how you test something new unrelated to the domain.

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Test Cases For White Paper

  • Check the color of the paper and whether the paper is white or not.
  • Check whether the paper is oil paper or normal paper.
  • Check whether we can write with any pen.
  • Check whether the paper can be erased with an eraser or not.
  • Check the quality of the paper by using different pens and pencils.
  • Check the use of whitener on paper.
  • Check the paper for size, texture, color, material, thickness, and transparency/opaqueness.
  • Check if the paper can be recyclable.
  • Check if the paper can hold the ink of the pen when written.
  • Check if the paper is sticky when written with a pen/marker
  • Check that writing on paper with a pen and pencil is comfortable.
  • Check if the thickness of the paper is of standard size.
  • Check if the paper supports multiple usages of pen/pencil/marker
  • Check if the paper is fragile/flimsy
  • Check the quality of the paper once the eraser is used.
  • Check that the paper is plain and soft.
  • Check that there is no dust on the paper.
  • Check the measurements of the paper.
  • Check whether the A4 sheet is empty or not(Written or Not)
  • Check whether it is folded or not.
  • Check whether the paper is in wet or dry condition.
  • Check whether it is not dared inside in any corner.
  • Check the paper by tearing it.
  • Check the paper by writing using all the colors of the pen.
  • Check the paper using all kinds of a pen (ballpoint, gel, ink, pencil) to find the absorbance capacity of the paper.
  • Check the paper by pouring water.
  • Check the paper by pouring oil to check the absorbance.
  • Check the oil-filled paper by pouring the powder into the removed oil.
  • Check the Erasing process in the paper.

Final Words

I hope you have found some valuable information in these test scenarios for the paper post. Feel free to update us; you can do that by putting the updated information in the comment section. Let me know if you need more information or have any suggestions. Then, you can comment on that in the comment section.

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