Test Case For User Migration

Test Case For User Migration: This blog post will share the data migration test cases. Because when we are developing an application, sometimes we need to migrate all users from one site (development site) to another (live site). I recently worked on a project where I tested user migration to validate that I have written database migration test cases. In our project, we developed data migration test cases in a sandbox environment. Following are the Data Migration Test Cases.

Before discussing the database migration test cases, we must understand what migration testing is in software testing.

What is User Migration?

The concept of user migration is simple. The goal is to take all your user data (emails, password hashes, first names, last names, and profile data) and migrate it to another system with as little headache as possible.

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User Migration Tool

USMT includes two tools that migrate settings and data: ScanState and LoadState. ScanState collects information from the source computer, and LoadState applies that information to the destination computer. For more information about how USMT processes the rules and the XML files, see Conflicts and Precedence.

Why we Need USMT tools

The two types of strategies to migrate data include Big Bang migration and trickle migration. The big bang is better for smaller companies that can afford downtime, while the trickle is better for larger enterprises that can’t.

User Migration Strategy

A migration strategy is an organization’s high-level plan to move existing on-premises and co-located application workloads and their associated data into another system.

Test Case For User Migration

  • Check whether the total number of users is the same as on the old site from where it was migrated.
  • All user details fields, such as Name, Email address, Location, Contact details, etc., are migrated.
  • Check all the details migrated are correct.
  • Check the details migrated are not interchanged for another.
  • Check the location is mapped properly.
  • Check the profile pictures are loaded properly without being cropped/compressed.

These are the basic test cases that I have executed for my project. If you have more points, please add them via the comment box below.

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