Test Cases For Triangle Problem

Test Cases For Triangle Problem Or Triangle Test Cases: in this post, we will share the Test Cases For Triangle Problem Or Triangle Test Cases. We have already shared so many test cases for manual and automation testers.

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Test Cases For Triangle Problem

  • Check if the shape is equilateral or isosceles, or scalene.
  • Check It must be a closed figure.
  • Check that the figure must contain only three sides, straight, and only three angles.
  • Check two sides must be passing through each vertex.
  • Check the sum of all three angles must be 180 degrees.
  • Check all sides should be the same in length for equilateral.
  • Check only two sides should be the same for an isosceles.
  • Check if one angle is 90′, then it is right-angled.
  • One/Two/Three sides are 0.
  • Check if the sides are coinciding or not.
  • Check if the image’s shape is right-angled isosceles, if there is a right angle, or not if the triangle is acute or obtuse or right-angle.
  • Check what the isosceles shape is; the opposite angles are equal or not.
  • Check if it is equilateral and if all the angles are equal (i.e., 60 degrees].
  • Check if the user can draw the three circles [interior, exterior, circumcircle ]
  • Check whether all sides are equal or not.
  • Verify If all sides are equal, it is the equal or scalene triangle.
  • Check all angles or equal or not.
  • The sum of all angles in a triangle should be 180 degrees.
  • The sum of any two sides of a triangle is always higher than the third side. It is less than the third side. It implies that the three sides lie in a straight line.
  • A triangle can not have two right angles, i.e., it can not have two angles equal to 90o as it is equal to 180o for two angles, and the third angle must be zero, which is impossible.
  • A triangle can not have two obtuse angles, and a triangle can not have two angles more than 90o as it only exceeds 180o for two angles.
  • Check Minimum and Max number of sides = 3
  • Check all the sides are connected (there must be three connection points)
  • Check No lines overlap each other.
  • Check two sides are cut perpendicular.
  • Check that no sides are parallel.

Test Cases for Equilateral Triangle

  • It should have only three sides.
  • Each side is connected to the other two sides.
  • The angle between any two sides must be equal to 60 degrees.
  • The sum of angles must be 180 degrees.
  • The length of all sides must be the same.

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