Test Case For Electric Bulb

Test Cases For Electric Bulb: We have listed some important test scenarios for the Electric Bulb that will help you in your next software testing interview. Studying test scenarios for bulbs is a great place to start if you’re looking to ace your next software testing interview!

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Test cases for Electric Bulb

Test Case For Electric Bulb
  • Check whether the bulb is made of only glass particles
  • Check if the holder and sachet should be present to test the bulb.
  • Check if the electrical connection should be there for that holder.
  • Check whether electricity is passing through that wire or not.
  • Check whether the bulb is fitted to the bulb’s attacher or not.
  • Check the color appearance of the bulb.
  • Check whether the bulb glows when there is a power supply or not.
  • Check the color of light that it makes (illuminates)
  • Check how much time it takes to blow.
  • Check whether the light vision is very high or low.
  • Check the maximum life span of the electric bulb.
  • Check if the switch is on and switch it off suddenly. What will happen?
  • Check the power consumption
  • Check the initial voltage it takes to blow
  • Check if the voltage varies suddenly and what will happen (increase or decrease)
  • Check what will happen when switching on a bulb with less voltage
  • Check max heat dissipation when a bulb is on
  • Check if the bulb has the ISI certification.

Negative Test Case For Bulb

  • Verify the bulb resistance when continuously repeating the action of switching ON and OFF.
  • Verify that the bulb condition when passing high voltage of the power

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