Test Cases For Gmail Login Page In Excel Sheet

Test Cases For Gmail Login Page In Excel Sheet: This article explains negative and positive test cases for the Gmail login page. In this example, we are taking an example of the Gmail login page test cases. If you want, you can take the example of WordPress or Yahoo login screen or any other of your choice. The positive and negative scenarios depend on the information given in the requirement document.

As we are testing the Gmail login screen, we are limited to the application, which is already published, with limited information available to test. So, our best approach is exploratory testing of the web app.

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I’m laying down a process you can follow to develop test scenarios for the Gmail login page. First, we’ll write the test requirements based on our exploratory testing observation. After that, we’ll write the test scenarios and form the negative and positive Gmail login test cases.  If you want to use existing testing templates and test cases, I suggest you check these templates out.

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You can use the following login screen of Gmail for your testing.

Gmail Login Screen

Gmail Login Screen Test Scenario
Gmail Login Screen Test Scenario

Test Scenarios For Gmail Login Page

As we don’t have the official Google requirements for the login screen. We’ll come up with our requirement set for the login screen. We’ll write the scenario based on these requirements.

  • The username should contain a letter, number, and period.
  • The username should not be left blank.
  • The username should not be more than 40 characters.
  • The username should not start with or contain any symbols.
  • The password should be at least six characters.
  • The password should contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • The password should not contain spaces and periods.
  • The password should not be more than 40 characters.

Write Test Scenario For Gmail Login Page

In the interview, you can face a common question: Write a Test Scenario For Gmail Login Page. So here we have to Write down the test scenarios based on the following test types:

Outlook  User Interface

You can check out the new Outlook interface and see how it has changed over the years.

Login Test Case Security
Login Test Case Security

Here are some of the questions that can help you form test cases.

  • Where is the cursor focus in the text area when you load the page?
  • Does the enter key work as a substitute for the sign-in button action?
  • Do the username and password text fields appear in order?
  • Does it remember my checkbox selected by default?
  • Does the login page have a registration link for new users?
  • Does the user interface look as per the design specification?
  • Does the login screen behave responsively to the mobile or tablet screen?
  • Do the links on the page remain active, or are they dead?

Outlook  Login Page Test Cases – Functionality Testing

Login screen functionality varies with each type of application. So, there will be a difference between a Yahoo login and a Gmail login. Here are some general possible functionality test scenarios.

Take the example of Outlook mail and how they are not paying attention to functionality issues.

  • Does the login form work successfully?
  • Is the logout link redirecting back to the login screen? Is the logout link functional?
  • Does the forgot password link work? Does it redirect to the valid password recovery page?
  • Do forward and backward buttons work properly while logged in? And also for logging out the user?
  • Does formwork similarly in every popular browser?
  • How are errors handled and displayed?

Outlook Security Testing

Security of the form is crucial, and you can use the following scenarios to form your test cases. Take a look at how Outlook handles bad usernames and password security issues.

Test Cases For Gmail Login Page In Excel Sheet 1

So, let’s consider those cases.

  • Does the textbox offer the masking of characters in the password field?
  • Do masked characters allow deciphering if copied?
  • Is it possible to copy and paste the password?
  • Is there any minimum password length?
  • Is the form giving away security information if the source is viewed?
  • Is the form vulnerable to SQL injection?
  • Does the form allow accessing pages without logging in?
  • Does URL manipulation allow access to the members-only area of mail?
  • Are multiple accounts from the same IP but different browsers allowed simultaneously?
  • Are cookies allowed? Are they disabled or allowed to be edited?

Once you go through these scenarios, you must develop possible positive and negative test cases.

Mail Login Test
Mail Login Test

Positive And Negative Test Cases For Gmail Login Page

Here is the list of Positive And Negative Test Cases For the Gmail Login Page.

Positive Test Cases For Gmail Login Page

  • Enter a valid username and password.
  • Click on the ” forgot password link and retrieve the password for the username.
  • Click the register link, fill out the form, and register your username and password.
  • Use the enter button after typing the correct username and password.
  • Use the tab to navigate from the username textbox to the password textbox and the login button.

Negative Test Cases For Gmail Login Page

  • Enter a valid username and an invalid password.
  • Enter a valid password but an invalid username.
  • Keep both fields blank and hit enter or click the login button.
  • Keep the username blank and enter a password.
  • Keep the password blank and enter a username.
  • Enter username and password wrong.


The more you know about the form requirement and developed page, the more scenarios you can develop to test the Gmail login screen thoroughly. There will be plenty of combinations, but that would require more time to test, and exhaustive testing is not practical, though possible.

So, you have to choose the test cases that are more important for the product risk. I hope you have found value in this information. Let me know if you need more information or have any suggestions.

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