Test Case For Google Meet

Test Case For Google Meet: This post shares the latest interview test cases. Google developed this Google Meet application as a communication platform that helps with messaging, video chat, and VOIP features.

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Google Mainly developed this product for its telephony products like Google Voice, which has already integrated with Google Hangout. So, during the hangout, you may face some problems, like the audio not being clear and the video quality being good. So, how can you test the application when you face such a situation?

In some interviews, you may face some real-time scenario test cases asked to be written in the manual testing interview rounds. When the interviewer is asked to write such types of real-time object test cases, you have to think about the object’s functionality, and according to that, you have to write the test cases.

For such real-time scenario-based interview questions and other manual test case templates in Excel, test scenario templates & how to write test cases in Excel. You can get these ideas by following the previously shared test case templates or software test case templates.

Google Meet Test Cases

Test Case For Google Meet 1

We will try to help you write the test case for the Google meeting.

  • Check whether the camera is turned on.
  • Check whether the connected device has a camera option
  • Check whether the internet connection is switched off
  • Check the video chat after refreshing or restarting the app
  • Check whether the Gmail account has been logged out.
  • Check whether the camera option is disabled in the device
  • Check whether the camera is not working in the device
  • Check by opening the hangout on mobile or other devices.
  • Check by opening the hangout in a different browser window.
  • Check by opening the hangout in a different browser
  • Check whether the javascript is disabled
  • Check after clearing the cache of the browser
  • Check after clearing the cookie of the browser.

Just now, Google has developed a new application to replace Google Hangout. The new app is called Google Meet. It is very similar to Google Hangout, but by using Google Meet now, you can join meetings and create meetings, and it also has all the functionality you have previously found in Google Hangout.


If You have identified any missed test cases, you can comment in the comment section so we can update them in the existing list.

FAQs on Google Hangout

Do you need a Gmail account to use Google Hangouts?

You must create a Google Account if it’s your first time using Hangouts. Please prepare in advance. If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google account and can use it for Hangouts.

Is Google Hangout free to use?

Google Hangouts. For free, hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emojis, and even group video calls. Those who have Gmail accounts can use Google Hangout for Free.

Can anyone use Hangouts?

Yes, those who have a Gmail account can use Hangout for free.

What is the new name of Google Hangout?

The new name of Google Hangout is Google Meet.

How can I record a Google Meet Video call?

To record Google Meet, you must join the meeting and click the activities icon to get the recording option.

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