Test Case For Bisleri Bottle

Test Case For Bisleri Bottle Or Test Scenarios Of Bisleri Bottle Or Test Scenarios For Bottle: In this post, we are going to discuss the different scenarios of Bisleri Water Bottle test cases, and in our previous post, we have shared different types of test cases, for example, the Bike test case. Before writing test cases, you must understand why we are writing test cases.

Mainly, we write test cases to verify the functionality of an application. We write test cases by covering various possible Positive and negative scenarios.

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But when you test cases, remember that you can write the test case as much as possible so that it will be easy for everyone to understand the functionality by reading the test cases. Try to cover a single scenario in a single step so that it will not cause any confusion.

Note: Before writing the test scenario for the Bisleri Bottle, try to find the answer to the questions below, which will help you get a better idea, and you can quickly write the test cases without missing any scenarios:

  • Is the Bisleri bottle made up of plastic, glass, steel, rubber, some disposal material, or something else?
  • Is the Bisleri Bottle built only to hold water? We can also hold fluid materials like tea, coffee, soft drinks, hot chocolate, soups, wine, cooking oil, vinegar, gasoline, acids, molten lava (!), etc.
  • Who is going to use this Bisleri Bottle? A school-going kid, a housewife, some beverage manufacturing company, an office-goer, a sportsperson, a mob protesting in a rally (going to use as missiles), an Eskimo living in an igloo, or an astronaut in a spaceship?
Bisleri Bottle Test Cases
Bisleri Bottle Test Cases

If you have an answer to this question, it may allow you to write the test case better. In our case, we are assuming whatever bottle we have chosen is made of plastic or glass and is intended to be used only with water.

Test Case For Bisleri Bottle 1

Test Case For Bisleri Bottle

  • Check the design and graph of the bisleri bottle as per the specifications.
  • Check the bisleri bottle when you open it.
  • Check the bisleri bottle when you fill the water.
  • Check the bisleri bottle of the waterfalls outside when you fill it.
  • Check the bottle when the water is supplied.
  • Check the bottle when you close it.
  • Check the bisleri bottle is made as per the specification document.
  • Check how the bisleri bottle looks. Is it like a water bottle? A cylinder, a ball, a cup, a flower case, a pen stand, or a dustbin.
  • Check the water bottle cap fits appropriately with the bottle
  • Check the bisleri bottle’s mouth because it is too small or as per the specification document.
  • Fill the bisleri bottle with water and verify if it is licking in some places.
  • Fill the bisleri bottle full of water and seal it with the cap. After that, tilt the bottle, invert or squeeze it, and check whether the water leaks.
  • Fill the water in a bottle; seal it with The Cap, put it in a refrigerator for cooling, and see what happens.
  • Keep the filled water bottle in a fridge for a long time and see what happens to the container.
  • Put the bottle filled with water inside the freezer box of the refrigerator, and see if the bottle expands (If it is made with plastic) or breaks (if it is made with glass).
  • Fill the water in a bottle, put it in a microwave oven, and try to hit it.
  • Put some heated water in the bottle and see the effects.
  • Keep a bottle dry for a long time and see what happens. Check if any physical or chemical deformation occurs in the bottle or not.
  • Test the water off a bottle and see if there is any chemical change; check whether it is safe to drink that water.
  • Keep water inside the bottle for a long time, and Check if the smell of the water has changed.
  • Drink the water directly from the bottle and check if it is comfortable or if water spills outside while drinking.
  • Drop the empty bottle from a reasonable height and check whether the bottle is breaking into small pieces or large pieces.
  • Drop the full bottle of water from a reasonable height and check whether the bottle is breaking into small pieces or large pieces.
  • Check whether the material of the bottle is recyclable or not.
  • Check whether the bottle is made of plastic and easily crushable.
  • Check in the bottle. You can also hold household things like honey, fruit juice, fuel, paint, etc.


These are some of the necessary test scenarios for a water bottle, and we think you can quickly think about these scenarios. You can also take this as a testing exercise and try to find out some more test cases for bottles.

As most of our visitors request sample test cases for bottle scenarios, we have added a few test cases and scenarios for review. Please go through them with those to understand how to write test cases in the real-time scenario. If you think I have missed any other posts, please drop in the software testingo comment section.

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