Test Cases For Refrigerators

Refrigerator Test Cases Template: in this post, we are trying to share the refrigerator Test Cases with as many possible scenarios. But when we write the test cases, there are mainly two types of Test cases based on the following:

  • Positive Test Cases
  • Negative Test Cases
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Refrigerator Test Case

Test Cases For Refrigerators

Positive Test Case For Refrigerator

  • Installation Testing
  • UI Testing: or Design-based Testing
  • Usability testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • Compatibility testing

Let’s explain one by one:

Test Case For Refrigerator – Installation Testing

  • Check if all the parts are available or not
  • Check that all the legs are fitted properly.
  • Check if the doors are fitted properly. If it is a two or multiple-door refrigerator
  • Check if the installation process is given manually or not.
  • Check whether the power wire is given to the refrigerator or not.
  • Check whether the Refrigerator gets turned on after plugging in the power source.
  • Check the light is turned on as the power is on.
  • Check the power plug as per the Country standard.

Test Case For Refrigerator UI Testing

Each refrigerator model is unique in design and follows a particular pattern. So we have to write the test cases for the same.

  • Check if the refrigerator follows the design specification.
  • Check the color specification of the refrigerator as per the requirement document.
  • Check the door of the refrigerator as per the requirement document.
  • Check the door handle of the refrigerator as per the requirement document.
  • Check if the company logo is properly printed as per the design specification.
  • Check the dimensions (Verify the Refrigerator’s length, breadth, and other size specifications) as mentioned in the requirement.
  • Check the outer body of the Refrigerator – whether it should be metallic, plastic, or any other material as per the specification.
  • Check the weight of the Refrigerator.
  • Check if the Refrigerator’s material does not become brittle (easily damaged)
  • Check if the Refrigerator’s legs are on the same level as the floor.
  • Check the height of the Refrigerator’s body from the floor

Test Case For RefrigeratorUsability Testing

  • Check whether it is very easy to use.
  • Check whether it has any adjustment settings to make it high or low.
  • Check whether it has got some airspace to flow air.
  • Check whether it has enough space to put water bottles, etc.
  • Check if there is back support or not.
  • Check the usability of the Refrigerator as a single-door Refrigerator or multi-door Refrigerator.
  • Check the condition when washed with water or the effect of water.
  • Check that all the interiors are easy to clean.
  • Check all the doors are easy to open.
  • Check the hinges of the door.

Refrigerator Test Cases Functional Testing

  • Check the setting as defined in the documents.
  • Check all the cooling settings(levels 1 to 7 ).
  • Check the light turns on when opened.
  • Check the light turns off when closed.
  • Check how much time it takes to chill the water.
  • Check how much time it takes to freeze the water on different settings
  • Check whether the condensation feature is working fine or not.
  • Check if there are specific settings for vegetables and other types of food.
  • Check the brightness of the light.
  • Check the light produces heat when the door is opened for a longer time.
  • Check the compressor cut-off time.
  • Check whether the defrost mode is working or not.

Non-Functional Testing:

  • Check whether the object looks like a Refrigerator (obviously, there must be some expected result by which you can Verify and say — yes, this is a Refrigerator )
  • Check whether it can be gripped easily (the Refrigerator body must not be too thick or too thin)
  • Check the look and feel must be good
  • Check by Switching off the power and checking how long the cooling remains.
  • Check the lock.
  • Check the cooling leaks from the door or any side of a refrigerator.

Performance and Load Testing:

  • Check by putting a lot of pressure on for a particular time.
  • Check by paying particular attention to putting stress on a point.
  • The check continues to perform its function.
  • Check whether it can handle voltage fluctuations.
  • Check the voltage (both low and high) level once the fridge stops working.
  • Check how cooling happens inside by opening the door.
  • Check if there are any voltage fluctuations when the door is open.
  • Check by storing the food items up to and beyond the capacity and check.

Compatibility testing:

  • Check by putting the Refrigerator on distinct types of surfaces like floor, glass, wood, Grass
  • Check if it works properly in all environments and if it is mentioned in the requirement specifications.

Negative Test Case For Refrigerator

  • Check the stress testing by dropping down from the practical height and Verify if nothing is breaking, there is no damage, and the Refrigerator is performed without any issues.
  • Check how it works under different climate conditions, like at room temperature and different climate conditions.
  • Check the balance with three legs.
  • Check what happens if we place it upside down and run it.

if you find any further missed test cases, you can comment on them in the comment section, and we will be happy to add them to the respective section.

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