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Test Cases For Table: Let me describe a few things before we go through the possible test scenarios for the table or test case table. Before that, you can check the test cases asked for manual and automation testers in the interview.

Before writing the test case for a table, you have to think about the title of the test case because a good title always gives an overall idea about that test case and hints to the user about what you will test. So, remember that when writing a test case, you should include a strong title, a good description of the scenario, a list of preconditions, and the expected result.

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Test Cases For Table

Test Cases For Table
  • Check if the table is created for the mentioned material in the specification document.
  • Check if the table is an office table or a regular household table.
  • Check whether the table is foldable or not.
  • Check if the color of the table is as per the requirement document.
  • Check the shape of the table is as per the document.
  • Check if the table is painted with any color or not.
  • Check if the table is built as per the specification document.
  • Check the weight of the table as per the SRS document.
  • Check the height of the table as per the SRS document.
  • Check if the table is good enough to handle some specified load.
  • Check what the maximum amount of load the table is handling is.
  • Check the table has many legs.
  • Check if all the legs of the table are appropriately touched or not. Or there is some gap coming between the ground and legs.
  • Check if the table legs have any options, like normal legs or scrolling wheels.
  • Check if the table is breakable or not.
  • Check if the table has supporting handles or not.
  • Check if the table is waterproof or if there is any effect of water over the table.
  • Check if the table has any racks on it or not.

We can divide the scenario based on the behavior or flavor that is “Positive and Negative” but always try to cover all possible scenarios based on table test cases’ business and functional requirements.

Write the test case so that everyone can easily understand it. So, the main important thing is that the tester should have good domain knowledge, and the test cases should be written according to the end-user’s point of view.

If you think we missed some test scenarios, you can help us by mentioning that in the comment section.

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