Test Case For Excel Export Functionality

Test Case For Excel Export Functionality: A test case for export to Excel is an example that you can use in an Excel spreadsheet to demonstrate how the procedures and functions of Microsoft Excel work. In the long run, you will be able to understand and apply their techniques, which will help you develop your skills and techniques faster.

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Nowadays, most export transactions are processed using Excel to enter details and export to CSV. But there is a possibility that this way is incorrect for all your business transactions. This article explains how to export your data consistently.

Test Case For Export to Excel From PDF

Most of the time, the final reports are exported to Excel files. I think the export to Excel has broad scenarios. Below are some of the test scenarios:

  • Check the user can click the export to Excel button.
  • Check whether an Excel file should be downloaded on click of export to Excel.
  • Check
  • When you export to Excel, a new tab should be opened. Windows with dialog should be opened with two options: Save or open should appear.
    Save- The document should be in the correct format and in the mentioned location.
    Open – The document should be opened in the next tab/window.
  • Check whether the user can open the downloaded file or not.
  • Check that the user can edit the downloaded Excel file.
  • Check the downloaded Excel sheet name as per the CRS.
  • Check the export to Excel button’s size, color, and alignment.
  • Check the exported file has valid data.
  • Check all the data are successfully exported. You can validate this by comparing the Excel data with the source data.
  • Check that no garbage value is exported in the downloaded Excel sheet.
  • Check that the data type formats are correct in Excel.
  • Check that the order of the columns is the same as the source data.
  • Check if the source has charts like a PI chart or bar chart, then the color or size is the same.
  • Check if the decimal data are present in the source. Then, the same data should be reflected in the exported Excel sheet.

Test Cases For Export Functionality

  • The file should be exported in the proper file extension.
  • The file name for the exported Excel file should be per the standards. For example, if the file name uses the timestamp, it should be appropriately replaced with an actual timestamp when exporting the file.
  • Check for date format if the exported Excel file contains the date columns.
  • Check number formatting for numeric or currency values. Formatting should be the same as shown on the page.
  • The exported file should have columns with proper column names.
  • Default page sorting should be carried in the exported file as well.
  • Excel file data should be formatted properly with header and footer text, date, page numbers, etc., and values for all pages.
  • Check if the data displayed on a page and the exported Excel file are the same.
  • Check export functionality when pagination is enabled.
  • Check if the export button shows the proper icon according to the exported file type, E.g., Excel file icon for xls files.
  • Check export functionality for files of very large sizes.
  • Check export functionality for pages containing special characters. Check if these particular characters are exported properly in the Excel file.


Test Cases are a sample or examples that you can use in an Excel spreadsheet to demonstrate how the procedures and functions of Microsoft Excel work. When you create a test case, you need to ensure that it has a logical and consistent structure with the procedure and functions of Excel. A test case is not considered complete until all the required procedures have been demonstrated by using those test cases.

I have shared a test case for export to Excel in this blog. I have used that test case in my Excel spreadsheet. You can also use the same test case in your Excel spreadsheet to demonstrate how the procedures and functions of Microsoft Excel work. Which Test Case do you think is better?

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