Test Cases For Pencil

Test Cases For Pencil: In this post of softwaretestingo, we are planning to discuss one of the very commonly asked Test scenarios in the interviews, which is about test cases for Pencil.

When you go for a testing interview, the common thing is writing test cases, and you may be asked to write a test scenario with a Pencil. So, we are trying to share some test scenarios, and I hope these all help you write for the Pencil test case.

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One suggestion: Before starting, explain or write test scenarios for the Pencil Test Case, and ensure you have all the requirements. If Not, try to ask all kinds of questions running through your mind so that you can answer well and will not get stuck after writing a few Pencil Test Cases.

You can consider the following things when you are going to write a Pencil Test Case:

  • Non-Functional Pencil Test Case
  • Functional Pencil Test Case
  • Performance and Load Pencil Test Case

Before writing any test scenario for any object, think bigger and try to find out as much as possible scenario. Various things like below:

  • Basic Functionality: It should write
  • Boundary conditions: The lead should be present inside the wood
  • Stress conditions: The pencil doesn’t break on holding or dropping
  • Usability: The pencil is easy to hold
  • Security/safety: Is pencil paint harmful to health

Test Cases For Pencil

Test Cases For Pencil
  • Check the Type of pencil.
  • Check the brand name of the pencil.
  • Check the Height of the Pencil.
  • Check the Strongness of the Pencil.
  • Check the material of the pencil.
  • Check the point type of the pencil.
  • Check the darkness After writing something with a pencil.
  • Check the comfort while you write or grip.
  • Check the thickness of the LED.
  • Check: Can you write on paper, walls, and other places?
  • Check with a pencil how many meters you can write.
  • Check how often the LED breaks or melts while writing on different surfaces.
  • Check the color of the pencil.
  • Check the darkness of the pencil.
  • Check after writing whether the text is readable or not.
  • Check whether the written text is erasable by a normal eraser or not.
  • Check if the pencil is the shape per the specification.
  • Check whether a normal sharpener can sharpen the pencil or not.
  • Check if you can write after you remove the pencil from a liquid.
  • Check how many meters you can able to write by using a pencil.

Negative Test Cases For Pencil

  • Check whether it is waterproof or not.
  • Check if the pencil is broken on holding or not.
  • Check that the pencil does not break on dropping.
  • Check whether pencil material is harmful to health or not

Final Words:

If you still think that we have missed some scenarios of the Pencil Test Case, then you can update us by putting that in the comment section. We have added a few formats of the Manual test Excel sheet here.

If you want to share any test cases, you are most welcome to grow this platform, and for that, you can use this email: softwaretestingo.com@gmail.com.

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