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Traffic Signal Test Cases | Traffic Signal Test Cases: Testing interviews often have questions about a traffic signal’s negative and positive test cases. In this post, I am jotting down some of the test cases you can use, and also I have shared more testing test cases. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on traffic light test cases to improve this post.

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Before we write test cases for a traffic signal, let’s first understand the lights.

  • Red – stop and wait before the zebra crosses the line.
  • Green – go.
  • Yellow – stop unless
    1) you’ve already crossed the stop line after the green light is off.
    2) you’re so close to it that pulling up might cause an accident.
    3) You’re in the middle of the road and should move to the next side rather than going back, causing a traffic problem.

Do note that the traffic light has a color variation for the yellow signal. Some countries have that as an amber or silver color. Some may even find the color difference in order. So it all depends on which standard is followed for the traffic signal machine and country traffic rules.

You may want to adjust the traffic rules as per the rules applied in your state or country. That would make the below test cases more accurate and effective.

Test Cases For Traffic Signals

  • Check if the traffic Signal Light stand has all three lights (green, yellow, and red) per the requirement.
  • Check-in during the expected hours when the traffic signal lights are on as per rules.
  • Check the sequence of turn-on traffic. Signal lights are based on the specified time (green light- 4.1 min, yellow light 10 sec, red light 1 min).
  • Check only one traffic Signal light glows at a time.
  • Check if the stop signal is shown with a red light on the traffic light.
  • Check the traffic light for a wait unless a signal is shown with a yellow or amber color.
  • Check if the traffic light for the go is shown green.
  • Check if the traffic lights during off-hours blink in yellow or amber, displaying off for rules.
  • Check if the speed of the Traffic Signal light can be accelerated at the time specified based on the traffic.
  • Check if the Traffic Signal lights in some spots are sensor-activated.
  • Check the height of the traffic lights as per the requirement so normal human eyes can see it properly at night and day.
  • Check the availability of poles with the traffic signal lights in all four directions (North, South, East, West)
  • Check the sequence of multiple signal posts is in sync at the crossroads.

These are some of the test cases that we can use to test the traffic signal post. There are many other product-specific test cases that we can develop. I hope the test cases in this post are helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

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