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Test Case For Tabs Test: In this post, you’ll find test cases for the tabs test. Those unaware of the tabs control can go to the jQuery UI homepage and check the demos. You can find how the tabs work and how they arrange the data. 

For simplicity’s sake, look at the image below for ideas on test cases. This image shows you three clickable tabs. The content is not dynamic. However, the content hides from unselected tabs. So, the selected tab’s content is shown there. You can look at the jQuery tab demo to see how the functionality works. More test cases can be formed if you get hands-on with the dynamic content within the tabs.

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If you wish to test the tabs on window-based programs, I suggest looking at the tabs within an application like Notepad++. You can also read the test cases to find and replace the dialog box to test the tabs for window-based applications. This way, you can check the difference between web app-based and Windows-based tabs.

Test Case for Tabs Test

Here are some of the sample Tabs Test case

  • Verify if the tabs are clickable.
  • Verify if the tabs are not locked or stuck on any single tab option.
  • Verify if the content inside the tab is visible.
  • Verify if the content in a specific tab shows under the expected tab.
  • Verify if the tab colors are as per specification.
  • Verify if the tabs are correctly loaded when the webpage is loaded.
  • Verify if the slow download doesn’t break the tab content and renders the tab open.
  • Check if the tabs hide the information unless clicked otherwise.
  • Check if the tabs don’t have animated effects for onclick action.
  • Check if the tabs open on mouseover or not.
  • Check if the tabs require the household on the tab to view the content.
  • Check if the tabs are sortable for easy data viewing.
  • Check if the tab data is served through AJAX.
  • Check if the vertical tab feature is available.
  • Check if the horizontal tab feature is enabled by default.
  • Check if clicking one tab hides the content of another.

Final Words

These are some test cases that come to mind for tab usage. I am sure you can come up with even more if you take an example of apps with more tabs or content.

I suggest using the JQuery demo page and finding the test cases for the tabs. You are likely to find more test cases for the tabs. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the test cases on my website, please let me know in the comments. I’d appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to share this page on Facebook and Twitter.

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