Test Cases For IFSC Code

IFSC Code Test Cases & Test Cases For IFSC Code: IFSC code is one of the important features of the Indian banking system. So, in this post, we will see how we can validate the IFSC code of a banking system by following the IFSC code test cases below.

If you’re a business owner looking to get your finances in order, you’ll need an IFSC code. IFSC codes are unique identifiers businesses use to manage their transactions and finances. They’re also important for tax purposes, as they identify the bank where a company’s money is held.

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What is the IFSC Code?

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an 11-digit alphanumeric code. You must use your bank’s unique 11-digit alphanumeric IFSC code to transfer money online. You can find this code on the cheque leaf your bank provides or on your bank’s official website or the RBI.

Key Features of IFSC Code

  • It helps uniquely identify a specific bank branch.
  • It helps eliminate errors in the fund transfer process.
  • Used for all electronic payment options such as NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS

The Necessity of the Indian Financial System Code

We need an IFSC code because it helps the RBI monitor all banking transactions. A simple IFSC code can make it easy for the RBI to track, oversee, and smoothly manage all financial transactions that are carried out via NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

IFSC codes are important for bank customers because they allow initiating electronic fund transfers without providing the beneficiary’s full banking information.

IFSC codes are important when transferring money between bank accounts. There are three ways to do this: IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS. They all work differently but share one common feature: the IFSC code system.

IFSC Code: How Does it Work

IFSC codes are the key to online money transfers in India. They let you validate all transactions quickly and easily. Knowing how to use them makes sending and receiving money easy.

Canara Bank has an IFSC code of CNBR001995 for their Chandigarh Branch. This code is unique to each bank and is used in banking transactions to identify the specific branch where the money should be transferred.

Test Cases For IFSC Code 1
IFSC Code Format
  • Here, CNBR represents the name of the bank, Canara Bank.
  • The 5th character, which is 0, is for future use.
  • The other six characters, 01995, explicitly help the RBI identify a bank branch without error.

Test Cases For IFSC Code

Some of the Important test cases for the IFSC Code are given below.

  • First, check the IFSC code field to ensure it’s entered correctly. The valid code is 11 digits long.
  • Make sure the field is correct when the user enters four-character numeric values.
  • Ensure the user enters a number other than 0 in the fifth field.
  • When the user enters the first four letters in lowercase, make sure that the field is verified.
  • Check when a user enters the last six-digit special character.
  • Check the field by entering less than 10 digit IFSC code into the space provided.
  • Check the IFSC code field by entering more than 11 alphanumeric values.
  • Check the IFSC field without entering any value.
  • Check if the IFSC code field accepts only space value.
  • Check the alert message when the user enters an invalid IFSC code.
  • Check the field when users enter 11 zero as the IFSC code.
  • Check if the users are allowed to paste the IFSC code in the field.
  • Check that when the user pastes the valid IFSC code in the field.
  • Check that when the user pastes an invalid IFSC code in the field.
  • Check that when the user enters a valid code from another bank.
  • Check that when the user enters the only alphabet value in the field
  • Check that when the user enters only numeric values.
  • Check when the user enters a special char in the IFSC code field.
  • Check that when the user enters the IFSC code of other branches.
  • Check that when the user enters the IFSC code of the closed branch.


In this test case series post, we discussed a possible test scenario of the IFSC code. But still, we know our visitors can think about more test cases. You can inform us in the comment section if you find such a missed test case.

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