Test Scenarios For Ola App

Test Scenarios For Ola App Or Test Cases For Ola App: In this post, we will discuss the possible test scenarios for the Ola app. Ola is one of India’s major transport cab service providers, so in most interviews, you may face such functional testing scenarios for Ola. The interviewer may want to know about many payment- and location-based Scenario test cases.

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Ola Test Cases

  • Test the installation and Uninstallation of the App
  • Test the login and log out of the account
  • Test the emergency contact receives the SMS when a ride is started
  • Test the signup for new user
  • Test the ride using Ola money
  • Test the Ola money transfer after KYC has been done
  • Test the Ola money transfer without doing KYC
  • Test the current location picked when opening the app
  • Test the favorite marking of the locations
  • Test the picking of the desired location
  • Test the vehicle availability in minutes for all types.
  • Test the vehicle availability; it says no when there’s no active driver for that type.
  • Test the vehicle option from source to destination
  • Test the source and destination are interstates
  • Test the source and destination intercountry through the land
  • Test the source and destination has no roadways
  • Test the source and destination between two planets
  • Test the driver allocated for the ride can be called from the deep link of the app
  • Test that the money displayed before and after the ride is the same when taking the given route.
  • Test the money displayed before the ride and after the ride changes when taking the short/long route.
  • Test the choice of source and destination by giving lat and longs for that location.
  • Test the driver arrived indication is notified once he marked reached.
  • Test the booking during rush hours when the demand is more
  • Test the ‘sorry cab didn’t found’ message when the search completes without booking a cab
  • Test the OTP generation
  • Test the SMS delivered for the booked cab or auto
  • Test the OTP to start the ride. Only correct number
  • Test by giving a random OTP number to start the ride
  • Test the OTP number by giving the vehicle number
  • Test the auto deduction of Ola money when the ride is completed.
  • Test the cancellation of OLA cab/auto.
  • Test the cancellation charge applied after crossing the cancellation limit for that month.
  • Test the promo code works for each ride
  • Test the OLA pass is applied if the pass hasn’t expired.
  • Test the fare changes for each variant like Prime, Mini, Micro
  • Test Ola outstation verification
  • Test the late-night charges are higher than the usual
  • Test the cab driver cancellation of the current booking notified in the SMS and Ola app
  • Test the booking when the network has a weak signal strength

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We are trying to share the maximum possible test scenarios for the Ola app, and if you miss any missed test case scenarios, you can mention that in that comment section. You can also join our Telegram group for more updates.

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