Test Cases For Chair

Test Cases For Chair: Here we are with another new post for test scenarios for chairs, you can say. So, in this post, we’re going to discuss another object, which is the chair, and we’ll also learn how to write test cases for chairs.

If you are looking for more test cases or scenarios, we recommend visiting our test cases page, where we have mentioned or shared 100 plus test cases. Before writing test scenarios for the chair, let us try to understand the following:

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How to Write Test Cases For Chair?

So, before writing test cases for the chair, you must identify the requirements. You have to look for specific testable details to find the answer to this question. If you ask my opinion, then for me, the requirements are:

  • That must be a chair.
  • That must be durable for a minimum of 10 years.

As a user of that chair, this is my essential requirement for any chair. But if you see the need, it doesn’t talk about what the chair should look like and how comfortable it should be when you sit.

As you can see, there is no more clarity on the requirement. You can contact a business analyst to get more clarity on an object. As you see here, I don’t have that luxury, so I proceed with some of my assumptions.

So here I’m assuming that whoever will write the test scenarios for the chair needs to verify the ubiquitous functionality or people’s expectations of a chair. Based on this, I have noted a few test scenarios for the chair.

Test Cases For Chair

Functional Test Scenarios For Chair

  • Check the functional vision of a chair, which enables a single person to sit on it comfortably.
  • The ticket was made for no more than one person to sit on it.
  • Check that a person can lean back and place full weight on the upright portion of the chair, take all pressure off the abdominal muscles, and relax.

STRESS Chair Test Cases

Place [X] amount of pressure on the chairs over [Y] amount of time under the most harmful environmental conditions associated with raw materials that create its form (wood, cushions, etc.) as well as materials that hold it together (nails, glue, dovetail, etc.). Pay particular attention to stress points on the chairs. Please verify that the chair continues to perform its function. Do this on the

  • The seat of the chairs
  • Each leg of the chair (if it has legs)
  • The back of the chairs and any other stress point could weaken over time.

Test Scenarios For Chair

  • Check the material used for making the chair is as per the requirement document.
  • Check if the dimension of the chair is as per the specification document.
  • Check if the dimension of the weight is as per the specification document.
  • Check if the height dimension is as per the specification document.
  • Check the number of legs of a chair.
  • Check the chair backrest option.
  • Check whether all legs of the chair on a plane surface are equal.
  • Check if the chair is compatible for taking a rest.
  • Check whether a human can sit comfortably on a chair or not.
  • Check if the chair has an adjustment functionality or not.
  • Check the sitting space as mentioned in the requirement document.
  • Check whether the legs of the chair have any wheels or not.
  • Check if the chair is good enough to handle a specified load.
  • Check what the maximum amount of load the chair is handling is.
  • Check the date is stable enough to take any human load.
  • Check the color of the table is as per the SRS documents.
  • Check the type of chair, for example, Office chair, Dining room chair, Dentist chair, Beanbag chair, Swing chair, Public bench or Armchair…….etc.

Negative Scenarios For Chair

  • Check the balance of the chair with one arm.
  • Check the balance of the chair with three legs.
  • Check the stress testing of the chair by dropping the Chair down from the practical height.
  • Check that nothing is broken, there is no damage to the chair, and the chair is performed without any issues.
  • Check how the Chair is working under different climate environmental conditions.

I hope you recovered pretty much right the number of chair test cases. Let me tell you one thing: writing test cases is not a very, very tricky task. It is all about how you can think about that application or how better you can understand the appeal.

If you understand this application better, you can think about numerous ways to test that application or object. In this way, you can try to cover all the possible test scenarios for the chair that object or for that application.

Final Words Chair Test Case

If you find any missed test cases or scenarios for the chair, you can update us by commenting in the comments section. We tried to update this post after getting your comments. At the same time, if you want to search for something related to testing, like manual testing or automation testing.

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