Test Case For Blackboard Duster

Test Case For Blackboard Duster: Writing practical test cases is a skill; to write a good test case, the candidates must study the application first. The most important thing is that you need experience writing test cases.

In our previous post, we wrote test cases for the Bisleri Bottle. The approach for good writing test cases is to identify, define, and analyze the requirements.

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Testers can use Excel sheets to write test cases, and some organizations use customized test case management tools according to their requirements. Many test case management tools are available in the real world, like Quality Center, Test Director, QTest TestLink, etc.

Why do we use Blackboard & Duster?

A blackboard is a reusable surface to draw text or drawings using chalk. The blackboards mainly use materials like plywood, and the seat is black or dark gray slate stone.

Mostly, this blackboard is used in classrooms or to represent something to someone. As we have already mentioned, do you think writing something on the blackboard, we are using chalks? But after writing something on the blackboard, we need to clean the blackboard for further use.

So, we are using dusters or what some people call chalkboard erasers to clean the blackboard. The chalkboard eraser is used to erase chalk markings on the blackboard.

Test Cases For Duster

  • Check whether the Duster’s size and weight are as per the specification document.
  • Check whether the dusters are comfortable while rubbing on the blackboard or not.
  • Check by using the Duster. You can clean the board or not.
  • Check by using Duster with minimal effort whether you can clean the board.
  • The rubbing medium should have an optimum wear rate, and the life of the Duster should be satisfied for the user.
  • Check whether it is very compact to clean the board
  • Check whether the dust is cleaned very quickly in the Duster.
  • Check whether the Duster is weightless

Test Scenario For Blackboard

Blackboard Usability Testing:

  • Check whether the Duster is easy to carry and handle.

Blackboard Functional Testing:

  • Check whether it cleans the blackboard Properly

Stress Testing:

  • Check by writing on the whole blackboard and test. Try whether this Duster is used to clean the dust on tables like that.

Performance Testing:

  • This depends upon the perfectness of cleaning the board.
  • Finally, check the Duster’s quality based on various blackboard types.

Negative scenario:

  • It also survives if you try to break the Duster by applying force.

We tried to cover the blackboard and duster’s first test scenarios or cases. After going through the post, you can update us by commenting in the comment section if you find some missing test cases.

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