Test Case For Password Field

Test Case For Password Field Or Password Test Cases: In this article, we discuss Password Test Cases for Password Fields. There are many ways to test the passwords for an application. Depending on your application type and the amount of security you wish to add, the test cases will be different.

So, instead of writing the test cases just by assuming the password field on the form. Let’s try and think of different scenarios under which the passwords can be tested.

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Password Test Case
Test Case For Password Field

Test Cases For Password Field

People reset their password when they don’t remember it. That’s the most obvious scenario you can think of while writing the test cases. People must also reset their passwords when the app has security issues.

  • Check if the user can enter the password in the text box.
  • Check if the user can paste the password in the field.
  • Check the max char limit for the password fields.
  • Check the minimum char limit for the password fields.
  • Check if the entered password is visible or encrypted.
  • Check if the password field allows blank spaces only.
  • Check if the password field accepts alphabets.
  • Check if the password field accepts numbers.
  • Check if the password field accepts the lowercase and uppercase alphabets.
  • Check if the password field accepts special characters.
  • Check whether an error message is displayed when the user clicks the submit button without entering any value in the password field. (Field is mandatory)
  • Check based on the inputted password text; it should display the progress bar. (Weak, Medium & Strong)
  • Check if the password view functionality is available so the user can see the entered password. (Eye visible on the right side of the password text box)
  • Check on the Click eye icon. The entered password should be visible in a readable format.
  • Check the asterisk symbol for the password field if it is mandatory.

Password Test Case Encryption

Almost every secure web app needs to have an encryption system. You should discuss the following scenarios while setting the requirement for the password field.

  • Check if the system allows users to do md5 hashing.
  • Check if the system does any form of encryption.
  • Check if the system stores the password in plain text.
  • Check if the system masks the password while typing.
  • Check if the password stored in the database is encrypted.
  • Check if the encryption is easy to decrypt using known tools.

You can think of many other encryption features, and the more complex the field, the harder encryption you need for the app.

Password Test Case Management

Some tools like KeePass and LastPass offer to save the password on a desktop or browser. And then, such tools can be used to automate browser login. Tools like these require a single master password; using that single password, you can automate the login across multiple websites. So, testing such password fields using automation tools will be different.

  • Check if the app is allowing the usage of a password management tool.
  • Check if password management works properly with the app.
  • Check if the password manager is secure enough to store the password.

Password Test Case Guidelines

Each web app should have guidelines on the choice of password users should have for better security. So, consider the following test scenarios for the password text field.

  • Check if the password length is displayed for the field.
  • Check if the app has some guidelines for password strength.
  • Check if the app informs you which characters are allowed and which are not.
  • Check if the password text fields allow or restrict you from entering characters that are not allowed.

Also, the app should notify you if there is any form of strength indication or if there is a caps lock if it exists there. So, this makes testing the password field a lot better.

You can also check some of the popular cloud apps’ other secure password fields. This gives you an idea of how to test the password field better for your use. The above-explained password field test cases should be enough to start your test document. You can add more test content, data, and scenarios to the document.


Let me know if you have any suggestions regarding password validation test cases. I’d appreciate your comments, and please feel free to share this with your friends.

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