Test Cases For Analog Alarm Clock

Test Cases For Analog Alarm Clocks: In this article, we will discuss how to write Test Cases For analog alarm clocks. In the old posts of Software Testingo, we discussed various test cases. So, let’s look at the test scenario & various test cases of the wall clock.

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Test Cases For Analog Alarm Clock

Test Cases For Analog Alarm Clock
  • The numbers read 1 through 12
  • The numbers are presented in a clockwise manner
  • All numbers are legible from a reasonable distance
  • All numbers are located along the outside of the clock’s surface
  • All numbers are equidistant from one another
  • Each number is at its proper location (ex: 3 is at 90 degrees)
  • The hour and minute hands are visible from a reasonable distance
  • The minute tick marks are legible from a reasonable distance
  • Sizes of numbers, tick marks, hour, and minute hands are relatively congruent
  • Inserting the battery is easy and intuitive
  • Removing the battery is easy and intuitive
  • Inserting a fresh battery causes the clock to mark the time.
  • Clock reports time with reasonable accuracy after 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours
  • Changing the time is easy and intuitive
  • Hanging the clock on a wall is relatively easy to do
  • An encasement protects all moving parts
  • The watch has company branding per the specification.
  • The clock has a reasonable battery life.
  • Check whether all the digits are clear and visible from a vision distance.
  • Check that the digit’s color does not match the color of the clock background.
  • It should also work to check if the clock is placed on any wall.
  • To check the time is shown clearly and correctly
  • Check the clock is flexible to stick on the wall.
  • Check whether the movement of the pendulum is smooth or not
  • Make sure the minute hand is not making too much sound while rotating.
  • Check the length and the weight of the pendulum if it is present.

If you find any test cases for mobile alarms we missed, you can comment in the comment box so that we can update this post.

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6 thoughts on “Test Cases For Analog Alarm Clock”

  1. * Magnetic field effect
    * Performance under high and low pressure situation
    * Night vision
    * Option to set/reset the time
    * Water resistance
    * Clock spare parts should be easily available.
    * Night vision

  2. 1.check the movement of pendulum is smooth or not
    2. make sure minute hand is not making to much sound while rotating.
    3.check the length,weight of pendulum if it present.


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