Test Cases For Notepad

Test Cases For Notepad: Notepad test cases are asked in many testing interviews. Depending on your experience level, you’ll be asked to feature specific test cases for the notepad. Depending on your operating system, the Notepad application will have different features and additional or fewer features. 

Let’s assume the notepad application we will test here is Windows-based “Notepad”. It has the following options: create a new file, save the file, save the file with a different extension, word wrap, copy, paste, delete, and exit.

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What is a Notepad?

Notepad is a word processing program that allows changing text in a computer file. The Microsoft Corporation created a notepad. It is a text editor and a very simple word processor. It has been a part of Microsoft Windows since 1985.

Test Cases For Notepad

Test Cases for Notepad

  • Check whether the system supports Notepad or not.
  • Check by clicking on the windows button selected for the notepad and clicking on it to open.
  • Check whether the notepad opens by entering the Run prompt window and the notepad.
  • Check whether Notepad is opening or not by clicking the Notepad shortcut icon.
  • Check the new page. It should be blank, and the cursor should be at the beginning of the first line.
  • Check the application allows for typing
  • Check the application allows saving
  • Check the application allows opening a saved instance
  • Check whether the Menu bar option is opening or not.
  • On the menu bar, select the File button and click to open the dialog box.
  • Check the validated menus and submenus.
  • Check if the data is saved after writing to the file.
  • Check the functionality for the save as a file.
  • Check the type of data that can be saved (numeric, alphanumeric, special chars).
  • Check by saving a blank file.
  • A dialog box should open. In the dialog box, choose the option the Open button.
  • After selecting the option, the cursor should be highlighted on the screen of the notepad.
  • After clicking on the Open button, by default, it should open the blank page to edit.
  • Check for the functionality of the edit on the screen.
  • Check if the notepad allows the same file name in the same file path.
  • Check if the edits to the file are saved.
  • Check the shortcut key is worked to open and close the dialog box
  • Check the dialog box is closed when pressing the Esc button on the keyboard
  • Check the functionality of the close, maximize, and minimize buttons.
  • Check if the window for the notepad can be re-sized.
  • Check the default size of the notepad is based on the last saved window size.
  • Check if the clearing system cache has any difference in the size of the notepad window after you open any file.
  • Do performance testing by opening 100 instances of notepad (possibly using an automated tool) and determining the response time.
  • Check the max length of the data.

These were some common test cases, but if you want to go to application-specific test cases, you must check each item on the menu.

Notepad Test Cases – New File Option

  • Create a new file using CTRL+N hotkey.
  • Create a new file using the File> New menu option.
  • Create a new file using Windows Icon+ Menu > Accessories > Notepad.

Notepad Test Cases – Undo Option

  • Click on the Undo option in the Edit Menu.
  • Use CTRL+Z hotkey to undo the text changes.

Notepad Test Cases – Copy Option

  • Click on the Cut option in the Edit Menu.
  • Use the CTRL+C hotkey to copy the text selected.
  • Use the cut option in the edit menu without selecting any text.
  • Use CTRL+x hotkey when selecting text.

Test Cases For Notepad Application – Paste Option

  • Click on the Paste option in the Edit Menu.
  • Use CTRL+V hotkey to paste the text selected.
  • Use the Paste option in the edit menu without selecting any text.
  • Use CTRL+V hotkey without selecting text or area.

Test Cases For Notepad Application – Save Option

  • Save the empty file.
  • Save the file with maximum text content.
  • Please save the file with less than the maximum allowed to store it in a file.
  • Save the file on the desktop.
  • Save the file with the same name as two earlier saved files and choose the same file path.
  • Save the file with Word Wrapped and close it to open it again after a few seconds.
  • Save the file without word-wrapped and close it to open again after a few seconds.
  • Save the file from the file menu.
  • Save the file using CTRL+S hotkey.
  • Save the file with the ASCII character set.
  • Save the file with the UTF character set.
  • Save the file with multiple encoding character sets.
  • Save the file with the Unicode endian character set.

Test Notepad – Exit Option

  • Exit the application by clicking the file>exit menu.
  • Exit the application by using the ALT+F4 system hotkey.

Test Notepad – common test cases for cross-platform applications

  • Check if the find option exists for the notepad.
  • Check if the navigation within the text is possible with the arrow keys on the keypad.
  • Check the default position of the cursor (before and after the saving file).
  • Check if the notepad has found and replaced functionality.


There are many other test cases that you can come up with for each entry in the menu. Some options vary depending on the version of the notepad you are using. I hope the above test cases can test the notepad’s basic functionality. Please let me know your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below.

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