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Test Cases For Bike | Test Scenarios For Bike: Welcome to another new post of the Test case series. In this post, we will cover some of the test cases for Bike. In those test cases, we are trying to share both positive and negative bike test scenarios.

I hope you have read our post on writing test cases and other test cases shared on our softwaretestingo blog. We suggest you go through before going these test cases because you have a fundamental knowledge of Test cases.

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And the things that you keep in mind while writing the test cases. While writing the test cases for Bike, we are trying to cover the test case UI and positive and negative test cases.

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Test Case For Bike

UI Bike Test Cases

  • Check whether the Bike is manufactured as per the specification or not.
  • Check whether all the parts are colored as per the specification or not.
  • Check the weight of the bike as per the requirement document.
  • Check whether all the accessories are manufactured on the specified material or not.
  • Check that the bike is assembled with all the accessories per the specification document.
  • Check whether the Bike has a brand name or logo as required.
  • Check that the bike has two wheels.

Positive Bike Test Cases Scenarios For Bike Testing

  • Check what type of Bike it is, whether it is an electric manual start bike.
  • The check self-start option is available on the Bike.
  • Check how much force is needed to start the Bike using a kick.
  • Check that the bike starts smoothly with options like self, kick, or electric Bike.
  • Check that the bike runs smoothly on each gear.
  • Check that the engine sound of the bike is smooth.
  • Check if the bike can attain the speed when you raise the acceleration.
  • Check that you can get the maximum speed, as the specification document mentions.
  • Check the bike engine sound is within the range of acceptable decibel levels.
  • Check the brakes are working as expected.
  • Check that the clutch is working as expected and that the clutch is assessed smoothly.
  • Check the number of gears as expected in the document.
  • The check user can change smoothly from one gear to another.
  • Check that the bike runs smoothly on all surfaces like cement, charcoal, wet roads, etc.
  • The check bike is running smoothly in certain conditions.
  • Check the mileage of the bike per one liter of petrol.
  • The check limit of the fuel tank is as per requirement, and safety norms are mentioned on it(like capacity).
  • Check the fule type requirement.
  • Check that the pollution released by the bike is within the permissible limit.
  • Check the speedometer to display the correct speed of the Bike.
  • Check the fuel meter is displaying the correct fuel in the tank.
  • Check all the information displayed on the dashboard is correct.
  • Check the front and back indicators are working correctly.
  • Check whether the horn is working correctly or not.
  • The check indicator and indicator likes are working correctly.
  • Check the pattern of the gear shift.
  • Check the headlight works correctly.
  • Check that the upper and dipper lights are working correctly.
  • Check whether reserve oil is available or not.
  • Check the amount of reserve oil is as per the specification.
  • Check that the bike has the required number of gears.
  • Check if it has a silencer and emits smoke properly.
  • The check average of bikes is done by conducting a driving test per requirement.
  • The check bike follows all safety norms.

Negative Test Cases on Bike

  • Check if you can start the bike with unprescribed fuel.
  • Check the condition of the tires when there is no pressure or more pressure.
  • Check the drive condition of the Bike when the tires do not have the mentioned pressure.
  • Check the bike condition when riding at high speed on the first stage.
  • Check the Bike’s condition when tires are filled with pressureless or more than specified.
  • Check the condition of a bike when both tires have different air pressure.
  • Check the bike’s condition when riding at high speed in first gear only.


This post tries to cover bike test cases’ widespread and generic scenarios. But still, we believe if you think about the more on-bike test cases, you may find some other scenarios. Let us know in the comment section of the then-missed scene so we can update this article.

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