Test cases For Messages & Error Message

Test cases For Messages: In this post, we will discuss the Test case or Test scenarios about message and error messages. If you want to write better test cases on mobile messaging apps, the first thing the user has is the app’s basic functionality.

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What is a message?

When people communicate, they use messages. Messages are the medium of communication and are how you communicate with others. People communicate through their messages because it is a way to get their message across without actually meeting the person they are communicating with.

What is a Messaging App?

Messegé is a messaging app that is designed to replace your traditional SMS. Messegé has made it possible for users to write text messages without making the annoying switch to traditional SMS. Instead, Messegé provides a more dynamic and intuitive alternative.

The mobile messaging app of the future is here. Emojis, stickers, live chats, and animated gifs are all features that are now part of our daily conversation. The new platforms are evolving to become more personal and interactive.

What Is Message Testing?

Message testing is market research that helps companies evaluate how well their marketing language around a specific product, solution, or brand resonates with an audience. Conducting market research through qualitative or quantitative methods can help you discover a new market or audience segment; message testing specifically will help you understand how to tailor a message to your target audience for maximum impact.

Test Case for Message

  • Check that the user can write a message on the message field until there is a limit.
  • Check whether users can able to delete the existing message or not.
  • Users can forward the existing message to others in a group and individuals.
  • Check whether the user can able to send a message without a mobile number or not. And the correct error message is displayed.
  • Check by trying to send the message to an invalid number ( Less than ten digits and the number doesn’t exist, like 1111122222)
  • Check by trying to send a message to our mobile and see the result.
  • Check whether you can send it to any mobile which is temporarily disconnected.
  • Check whether you can send it to a landline or toll-free number.
  • Check how many options there are; there should be at least an inbox, create, draft, and send.
  • Click on the send button. Does it send the message?
  • Check all the notifications like receiving, sending, deleting, etc.

Test Cases For Error Messages

Test cases For Messages & Error Message 1
  • Check if the spelling of the error message is correct or not.
  • Check the grammar for the error messages to make sure they are correct.
  • Check the error message for blank input, which is shown.
  • Check whether an error message for uploading an empty file is shown.
  • Check an error message should be shown for the maximum or upper limit.
  • Check if the tool does not support the error message shown for the files.
  • Check if an error message is shown for blank input or limit; after it, the user should be able to click and interact with the software.
  • Check the confirmation message on email registration.
  • Check an error message should be shown if the user adds fewer words or content than the allowed limit.
  • Check the error message should be shown for the invalid URL.
  • Check proper error messages should be shown for an invalid captcha.
  • Verify that a proper error message should be shown if the CAPTCHA is not loaded.
  • Check that the same format should be used for displaying all the error messages. It may include uppercase, lowercase, or sentence case.
  • Check that the error message position is aligned.
  • Check that the 500 error message page should be shown to the user.
  • Check that the red color displays the user’s error message.
  • Check for info and confirmation that blue or green colors can be used.
  • Check the time duration for the error message shown.

Characteristics of the test cases

Here, we will discuss the key characteristics of writing error messages. And test cases are commonly used for websites, desktop software, and mobile applications.

Characteristics for good error messages majorly include.

  • Check an error message should be concise, understandable, and well-explained to the user.
  • Check an error message. It should display the instructions and should not be ambiguous.
  • Check the error messages; they should be written gracefully, and do not blame the user.
  • Check the error messages, which vary from field to field. These should be properly aligned specifically for the field on which an error message is encountered.
  • Describe the user’s clear directions. Users should not feel blocked and jammed.


I hope you understand the possible test scenarios for the Messaging app and Error messages better. But still, if you think about some possible test scenarios, let us know in the comment section.

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