Test Cases For Video Streaming Applications

Test Cases For Video Streaming Applications: Today, the world is moving towards digitization, and the internet crosses every limit daily. Most people use video streaming on their devices to spend quality, time-consuming entertainment videos. Therefore, many video streaming software is available online for download and installation or online streaming software like YouTube, Netflix, Openload, Dailymotion, etc.

So, use the video streaming test scenarios to ensure the user gets the best experience using the selected streaming software based on the video streaming test scenarios below.

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Suppose the interviewer wants to ask the same test cases differently. In that case, you may face questions like these: Test cases for NetFlix, video streaming test cases, test cases for video player, test cases for YouTube video streaming, streaming testing, streaming media testing, etc.

Types Of Video Streaming Applications

Functionality testing: To ensure the app functions properly, please double-check all elements against their functional requirements.

Usability testing: Test the product thoroughly to ensure it meets users’ expectations and is easy to use. Identifying any potential issues a typical user might encounter while using the app is essential.

Localization testing: To ensure the application is well-received in countries with diverse cultural differences, optimize its exterior and language correctness. Additionally, check that the subtitles are functioning properly in all target languages.

Payment testing: Please be sure that all payments can be performed quickly, safely, and reliably. In addition, please verify that local currencies and payment methods are accepted without problems.

Negative testing: Can your app handle unexpected user behavior and incorrect input? You should test your solution to ensure it works well even when users don’t behave as expected.

Interrupt testing: It’s important to double-check the performance of your product if it experiences any unexpected interruptions, like an incoming call or text message.

Test Cases For Video Streaming Applications

  • Verify the availability of Multimedia devices like Desktop or Laptop smartphones, Smart TVs, etc.
  • Verify the availability of streaming software should be installed on the appropriate device.
  • Verify the multimedia setting of the device, which should be appropriate for the streaming.
  • Verify the availability of a proper internet connection in the device required for video streaming.
  • Verify the availability of an online streaming player compatible with the device.
  • Verify the availability of a video that should be uploaded over the internet.
  • Verify the file format of the available video is supported by the video streaming software or online streaming player.
  • Verify the availability of play & pause functionality while video streaming in the player.
  • Verify the video buffering time between streaming software and online video streaming players according to the different internet speeds for a video of the same quality.
  • Verify the video quality of any video can be automatically adjustable while streaming in a streaming player according to internet connection speed.
  • Verify the video quality of any video can be set manually while streaming in the streaming player at any internet connection speed.
  • Verify the availability of the progress bar with the timer while streaming video in the player.
  • Verify the availability of forwarding and backward functionality in the video streaming player while streaming the video.
  • Verify that the video playing speed should not be changed after using forward or backward functionality while streaming.
  • Verify that after using forward or backward functionality while streaming, the audio listening speed should not change, lag, or lead for the video.
  • Verify that while streaming, the video should not be distorted or pixilated.
  • Verify that the voice of the video should not be interrupted while streaming at different speeds of internet connection.
  • Verify that streaming video should be adjustable according to the player’s screen sizes.
  • Verify that the Internet connection is lost while streaming the video, then video buffering should be stopped with the Internet connection lost message.
  • Verify that the video streaming player is retaining the video’s last position for resume, pause that video, and close the player or directly close the streaming player while streaming.
  • Verify whether the video’s total duration is displaying, and verify whether the pause duration & remaining video duration are displaying.
  • Verify the response of the streaming player when the user tries to stream a corrupt video file.
  • Verify the buffering functionality if streaming gets paused.
  • Verify that if a video has streamed for some duration and gets paused, move the progress bar backward for some duration and play again so the video will buffer again or not.
  • Verify that if video streaming pauses after some duration and plays again, the video will play from the paused position or again buffer & play from the initial position.


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