Test Cases for Social Network Widgets

Test Cases for Social Network Widgets Or Test Cases For Twitter: The word ‘Social Networking Site’ needs no definition. It plays a major role in helping users to connect. They also play a crucial role in promoting business (increasing traffic to one’s site).

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This article will see all possible test cases for testing a site with social networking implemented. Testing is almost similar on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Test Cases For Social Media

Test Cases for Social Network Widgets 1

Test Scenarios For Facebook [ Like button ]

  • Check if the user is login and on clicking the like button, the user is re-directed to the corresponding Facebook login page (NB: Latest revision includes liking without login).
  • Check if the login user can like the page.
  • If the user is like a post/page, then the number of likes increases.
  • After liking, that activity is displayed on the user’s profile page.
  • Check if the user can, unlike the page.
  • Check on un-liking; the number of likes gets decremented.

Comment Block

Test Cases for Social Network Widgets 2
  • Check if the user can comment on the comment block.
  • Check if the user can like it and reply to the comments entered by other users.
  • Check if the recent comments are displayed on the block’s top.
  • Check if the user can delete/edit the entered comments.

Test Cases For Twitter

  • Check on clicking the Twitter button, and the user gets directed to the Twitter sign-in page.
  • Check on signing in, and the user can share that page (tweet).
  • Check on tweeting; the count on the Twitter button gets incremented.

Google Plus

  • The user is re-directed to the corresponding Gmail sign-in page when clicking the Google Plus button.
  • Check on signing in, and the user can share the page.
  • Check on sharing; the count on the Google Plus button increases.

NB: It was found that social networking sites are more often revising their functionalities. Therefore, before testing the application, go through the recent revisions and test accordingly.

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