HCL Technologies Interview Questions

HCL Technologies

  • www.hcltech.com
  • Noida
  • 10000+ employees
  • 1991
  • Public (HCLT)
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • ₹500+ billion per year
  • Accenture, Capgemini

HCL Interview Questions: The most important part of preparing for an interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance, and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer, QA for Manual & Automation Positions, We can’t read minds, unfortunately, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked HCL interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the manual testing interview questions, selenium interview questions & testing interview questions also, but we are recommending spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the HCL interview.

Still, we need you are love and support to make this platform more helpful to our fellow testers. So it would be great if you will share your recent interview questions and experience with us. You Can share those details by connecting us at softwaretestingo.com@gmail.com.

HCL Selenium Interview Questions

Company Name: HCL Technologies
Position: QA Tech Lead
Company Location: Bangalore
Experience: 6.5 Yrs
Shared By: Kalavathi AL
No Of Rounds: 3
Updated on: 03.10.2022

The weekend drive I attended virtually for AEM Testing. The first 2 rounds were completely based on technical based and the third round was more about leadership skills set like how you handle the team, how to handle the situation when deadlines are not met etc.


  • Why CMS is required
  • What is the replication process
  • What is MSM
  • Test planning
  • Severity and priority with example
  • Defect leakage
  • Defect cascade
  • Blueprint and live copies
  • Template and component
  • What is parsys and iparsys
  • Architecture of AEM
  • OSGI life cycle
  • If 10 pages are published and 1 page needs to be disabled how to do that?
  • Image rendition
  • Experience fragment
  • About workflow
  • What is author, and publisher?

Tips: Make sure you know all the skills mentioned in your resume.

HCL Interview Questions For Automation Testing

Company Name: HCL
Position: Senior Automation Engineer
Company Location: Kolkata
Experience: 5.3 Yrs
Shared By: Aditi Kumari
No Of Rounds: 2
Updated on: 30.10.2021

Tips: Have basic java programming skills: Prepare programs like Reverse a string, Remove duplicate elements, etc and Have selenium knowledge

HCL QA Automation Interview Questions

Company Name: HCL
Position: senior software tester
Company Location: Lucknow
Experience: 4 Yrs
Shared By: Aditi Kumari
No Of Rounds: 2
Updated on: 03.10.2022


The interview experience was excellent, always we should be ready for new challenges and always ready to learn new things.

The interview process consisted of Two rounds:

  • Online F2F technical round
  • Online F2F Managerial round


  • if you are ISTQB certified – you should know about the seven principles of ISTQB.
  • Explain your current running project with your role and responsibility.
  • principles of ISTQB.
  • How to conduct a risk analysis.
  • What Document is required for testing
  • logical questions and test scenarios?
  • SQL

Tips: while giving an interview try to explain your current project with proper explanation. if you are able to explain in the proper way 50% chance to clear – the next 50% chance how much you are confident while answering the question.

HCL Interview Questions For Selenium Experienced

Company Name: HCL
Position: Scrum Master
Company Location: Bangalore
Experience: 7.5 Yrs
Shared By: Aditi Kumari
No Of Rounds: 5
Updated on: 03.10.2022


There were a total of 5 rounds of interviews conducted. 2 Technical rounds of Interviews, 2 Technical rounds of interviews conducted by the Client followed by 1 managerial round.

The interview process was very smooth and it took nearly 2 weeks to complete the process and get the offer letter.

It totally depends on you to present yourself before the panel to crack the interview.

Round1 Questions

  • How do you handle impediments?
  • What are metrics used in Agile?
  • Difference between list and set.
  • Why is the list ordered and set unordered?
  • Data-driven cucumber at the step level
  • Synchronisation concept in Java
  • Can we declare a final method in the interface?
  • The string is primitive or not?
  • How many objects for given 2 string vars?
  • Cucumber hooks , strict , dryrun concepts.
  • Difference between string, string builder and string buffer ?
  • Can we wriite try without catch or finally?
  • Examples keyword in cucumber
  • Hooks, tags on Cucumber
  • Difference between hashset and treeset
  • How to create our own custom exception?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of page object model
  • 8 Locators in selenium , which do you use most and why?
  • Passing browser name and version value from testng XML and config properties
  • Difference between equals and == when comparing 2 strings
  • Inheritance in java
  • Write sample feature file with examples keyword
  • Write sample feature for step level parameterization


  • Waits in Selenium
  • Logging in selenium
  • Describe your framework
  • Different locators in selenium. Write sample xpath
  • About axes in xpath
  • Describe few annotations in testng
  • About selenium grid
  • When to use remotewebdriver
  • Code for screenshot

Tips: Thorough understanding of the subject line

HCL Automation Testing Interview Questions

Company Name: HCL
Position: Test Lead
Company Location: Bangalore
Experience: 8+ Years
Shared By: Surendra M.
No Of Rounds: 4
Updated on: 03.10.2022


There were 4 rounds apart from normal HR discussion.

  • 1st round was the shortlisting round so quick round of basic Qs on testing, java, and selenium.
  • 2nd & 3rd rounds were details technical rounds on automation, framework, API testing, situational, team management, estimations, agile, SQL, etc.
  • 4th round was managerial, mostly related to project, roles, behavioral and management Qs.
  • Last HR discussion


  • WAP to count duplicate characters in a string.
  • WAP to find 2 no with the max product.
  • SQL queries involving join
  • SQL theoretical Questions
  • Have you used Jenkins? How? What’s the execution cycle?
  • How to group cases in TestNG
  • What was the challenges faced during automation, and how did you handle them?
  • Common exceptions that you have faced?
  • What is your current role & responsibilities?
  • Java exception hierarchy
  • API methods, header, response validation, etc.
  • Have you ever managed a team? What’s the challenge?
  • Any experience with performance? or security? or any other type of testing?
  • Explain your framework
  • How many test cases are automated, and what is the cycle?
  • Tell me about your Sprint activities.
  • What if you have to drive test automation efforts? and manage a team?
  • Have you ever had a short timeline? How did you handle
  • What has been the biggest challenge you have faced till now?
  • What agile events do you follow?
  • Why are you looking for a change?
  • Any experience with Cucumber? What is step definition, feature file, etc?
  • How do you handle stale element exceptions?
  • What measures will you take to speed up test automation execution?
  • Domain-specific Questions
  • What if you don’t get a chance to work on test automation during the initial month?
  • What is your dream role? What are your expectations from this role?

Tips: Overall preparation. Practice Java programs and prepare other topics as well. All the best.

HCL Pune Interview Questions

Interview Location: Pune, India
Profile: Automation Tester
Experience: 5+ Years
Source: Email Reach
Updated Date: 05.12.2021

Thanks to Deepti Sharma, for Sharing the interview questions and interview Experience with us.

Below is the list of questions for your reference:

  • Explain your framework in detail.
  • What are your roles and responsibilities as an automation tester?
  • Explain all Oops concepts.
  • How you implemented all oops concepts in your framework.
  • How you have done Jenkins configuration.
  • Explain Jenkins and CICD pipeline.
  • How do you run your test cases?
  • How many test cases do you run daily.
  • How will you run your test case if you have to run them on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • What is a collection?
  • Where have you implemented and used collection in your framework?
  • What are Interfaces and abstract classes?
  • How have you implemented interface and abstract class in your framework?
  • How do you do parallel runs using TestNG?
  • What do you validate in the API response?
  • Prerequisite for post method in API.
  • What prerequisite details are required to successfully execute a post method and what all do you verify in the response?
  • What are the different HTTP Status codes?
  • What is the HTTP status code for the delete method?
  • What is the HTTP status code when a post and a get request are successful
  • Difference between Web services vs API.
  • Difference between Soap vs rest API.
  • What is Cucumber?
  • What is BDD?
  • Basic SQL queries.

HCL Technologies Vijayawada Interview questions

Company Location: Vijayawada, India
Updated on: 15.03.2021

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Which Java and Selenium versions you are using?
  • What advantage did you get by using jdk1.8 compared to the older version?
  • Have you worked on hibernate, spring?
  • What OOPs concepts you’ve used in the project and how?
  • What is an interface?
  • How will you upload a file using Class?
  • How will handle alerts?
  • If you have two delete buttons that give two alerts and both alerts have the same text except for one word which is different and you want to accept one alert and dismiss the other and in case that one word can also change then how will you handle this?
  • What do you know about cucumbers?
  • How will you find elements in columns 1 and row1 of a table?
  • Which plug-ins you have used in the project?
  • Have you faced any issues like your test cases are working fine locally but getting failed in Jenkins?
  • How to automate keyboard keys?
  • Have you used List, Set, and Map? And where and give syntax.
  • If you have to handle more than one exception using try-catch e.g. FileNotFoundException and IOException then which exception sequence you will follow and why? And if an exception is not getting handled using both then what should you do?
  • If I write 2 catch blocks, in the first catch I am using the Exception class object to handle the exception and in the second catch block, I am writing IOException then what will happen?

HCL Technologies Noida Interview Questions

Company Location: Noida, India
Updated on: 15.03.2021

  • Tell something about yourself
  • Abstract class and interface
  • Static keyword in Java
  • String builder in Java
  • How we do multiple window handling in selenium
  • What is the scenario outline for cucumber
  • What is a cross-browser testing
  • API testing framework explain
  • What’s the JMeter framework
  • Tell some TestNG annotations
  • What is your approach to starting testing using soap UI you are asked to test an API
  • Considering you are only QA, tell the different types of testing you will perform on the search functionality of a shopping site and on what basis you will sign off
  • What are the different types of locators?
  • In what order you will use CSS, XPath, ID, and why
  • How will you identify a web table and what is the order in which u will trace

HCL Bangalore Interview questions

Company Location: Bangalore, India
Updated on: 15.03.2021

Hi, I am Sharing some questions from Automation which is asked in the HCL interview.

  • How to Pass Parameter from testing.xml
  • How to call the data provider, what type of data provider returns and to capture in your test class
  • How to handle multiple window popups and what code you write to get window id or tab id or tab value
  • What is the Window Handlers
  • What is the explicit wait?
  • What is the difference between explicit wait and Fluent wait?
  • What are Multiple inheritances, is it possible in Java and how do we achieve that?
  • What is a Static block In Java?
  • What is an access modifier and how many types of access modifiers?
  • How to use the Protected Access modifier
  • What is the difference between Array and ArrayList
  • What is the difference between Set and List?
  • What is a constructor and why there is no return Value?
  • Write to code to getting the length of the Array
  • How to reverse the string
  • How to reverse the string without reversing the word

HCL Hyderabad Interview Questions ( 09.03.2021 )

  • Move all zeroes to the end of the array- Given an array of integers, Move all zeros to the end of the array. Push all the zeros of a given array to the end of the array.Example 1:INPUT: myArray={2,5,0,4,2,7,0,0,1,9,4}
    OUTPUT: myArray={2,5,4,2,7,1,9,4,0,0,0}
  • Print all the duplicate character and their count in the given string.Example 1:INPUT : String str=”hcl-tech”
    OUTPUT :h-2,c-2
  • Reverse a string preserving space positions.INPUT: “Java is a programming language”
    OUTPUT: “egau gn a lgnimmargor pasiavaJ”
  • Difference between Given and When in the cucumber feature file
  • What is the purpose of the Background in the feature file?
  • Can I give the login username and password in And will it work?
  • Which reporting standard do you use in the framework
  • Logic to reverse a string
  • i have seven checkboxes on a page every time my script should check last but one checkbox
  • What exception will the program throw when I use findelements and it does not identify the element in a web page
  • Jenkins CI/CD
  • Explain the BDD framework in your project

HCL Telephonic Interview Questions

Company Location: Bangalore, India
Interview Mode: Telephonic
Updated on: 24.02.2021

Here are the HCL Telephonic Interview questions:

  • Why do we use the BDD framework?
  • Explain the BDD framework.
  • How do you integrate cucumber feature files with Step definition java files?
  • What is the use of Runner class in cucumber?
  • What are Xpath Axes?
  • How do find out the repeated characters in a given string?
  • What’s the difference between
  • Method overloading vs method overriding?
  • What are all the Git commands used in your project?
  • Difference between commit vs commit and push button in Git?
  • Difference between Explicit wait and implicit wait?
  • Can you explain the Reverse of the string logic?

HCL Telephonic Round Interview Questions

  • In a webpage HTML there is a text box, how will you locate it. Will you locate directly and locate the text box?
  • We are clicking on the ok button, first, click one pop-up got opened, the second click one more likewise five pop-ups got opened. How will you close the 5th pop-up and 3rd pop-up?
  • Once the story points are ready, then how will you assign the task or do you pick the story points and work accordingly?
  • When will you run the regression suite.. after the code is deployed in QA?
    Example. If 2 sprints got over. 26th the code is deployed in the QA 28th is the release date. When you will run the regression. Before 26th or after the 26th. Do we run the regression suite for sprint 1 or sprint 2 or both?
  • When do we run the regression suite..in the day or night? If we get 5 test case fails after the regression suite runs. what you will do and how do we handle the failed one.
  • if there are 5 frames in the application. How to switch to the 5th frame.
  • any real-time example for low priority and high severity.
  • What are the other reports you have used apart from the extent report and testNG report?
  • What is the bug life cycle in the JIRA tool? What are the options to report a bug in Jira?
  • If there is a base class and class and interface. Where will you override the interface methods? In the base class or the normal class?
  • What is the velocity in agile? And if we completed 30 story points in a sprint. Then how do we calculate the velocity of that sprint?
  • If we don’t complete the story in a sprint what is the next step I will take ??
  • Can anyone provide the answer for the regression suite?

HCL Face-To-Face Interview Questions

Latest Updated: 30.03.2019


  • What is the difference between final, finally, finalize
  • What is the difference between Call by value and call by reference?
  • How to find out the length of the string without using the length function
  • How to find out the part of the string from a string
  • Difference between throw & throws

BDD Selenium:

  • In a feature file, how many scenarios can you write?
  • How do you generate the report in cucumber?
  • How you manage multiple data in Cucumber
  • What is a Scenario Outline?
  • How do you do parallel Execution in BDD?

API Testing:

  • GET, POST in API testing?

HCL Interview Questions Updated: 31.10.2019

  • Write a program to print your name in Java.
  • In the above program, what does public static void main signify?
  • Write a program to add elements to a list.
  • What data type can be added to a List?
  • How can we specify the datatype of a specific type in the List?
  • Write a program to iterate through a List.
  • What is the difference between a List and Map?
  • In Selenium, what is WebDriver – a class or interface?
  • Why we can’t create an instance of WebDriver directly?
  • What is the difference between findElement and findElements? Explain the scenario when it is used.
  • Do you know to create a Framework for test execution?
  • What is the version of Selenium used?
  • In Selenium, write code to access FirefoxDriver.

HCL Company Selenium Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Explain your project
  • Explain the workflow of your project
  • Explain to me the benefits of a project, what you did in the manual, and what you did in automation.
  • Which framework are you using (explain details design framework)?
  • Frame scenario to automate
  • How you handled multiple windows?
  • How you handled the frame?
  • How you handled dropdown values, popups
  • <(span) (text)>- how you find XPath?
  • What is the difference between absolute and relative XPath?

HCL Requirement For Testing Position

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What is verification & validation (Tell me the difference)
  • What is System testing and system integration testing?
  • What is the bug life cycle?
  • SQL create table | SQL Command
  • What is agile?
  • From the Employee table
    employee salary display descending
    Find employee minimum salary
    Find the second highest salary
  • All SQL operations SQL – can we delete a row from table employee
  • What is smoke and sanity testing?
  • What is the ETL Card type?
  • What is BESI? What is banking investment?
  • All SQL operations like PL – SQL, procedure, views, procedure

HCL Technologies Testing Interview Questions: 12.09.2018

  • How to Handle Window Handles
  • Write Program on Hashmap
  • About API Automation

HCL Technologies Selenium Automation Questions – April 2018

  • Explain your Framework architecture
  • Write a complete Test script for the Login button
  • Types of wait
  • Difference between static wait and implicit wait.
  • What is a webdriver, interface, or class?
  • Write Xpath for given HTML.
  • Different types of locators with an example
  • What is Abstraction, abstract class, interface
  • Why do we use abstract methods, give a business example
  • Defect life cycle in JIRA
  • What is inheritance
  • Program for Prime nos
  • What is Database testing?
  • In explicit wait, what are the expected conditions? It is a method or a class
  • How does Selenium work internally?

HCL Technologies Selenium Interview Questions:

First Round

  • How to select multi-element in the drop-down list?
  • What is the grid, and how node works?
  • How many test cases you have written to date?
  • How to create a BUILD.XML FILE?
  • Why is Jenkins in the framework?
  • About myself and the project?
  • Where does your source code/project lie and how do you integrate with Jenkins?

Second Round

  • Tell me about yourself and your project.
  • Why do you relocate to Chennai?
  • Write code for reverse ‘HCL.’
  • What method did you use for high-level testing (smoke)?
  • Google search google logo keeps changing, so how to verify whether the log changed or not?
  • write a code to open the particular website which is displayed while searching for something else

Third Round

  • Roles and responsibility
  • Explain ATLC
  • Write code for print 3, 6, 9, 12
  • Ready to relocate to Chennai?
  • Why did you join HCL and why you are leaving your current company

Question on java / Jenkins / Selenium: HCL Technologies Interview

  • How many variables are there in java?
  • Write a program to Extract a number (abcd1234) from a string.
  • Write the structure of your framework
  • Difference between Method overloading and Method overriding and explain how you used it in your project
  • TestNG Annotations used in your project and explained how you send data.
  • Difference between Method overloading and Method overriding and explain how you used it in your project
  • Need to run my regression test suite only after the successful execution of my smoke test suite, how do that?
  • The difference between Inheritance and Interface and how you have used it in your project explains, your script should execute automatically, how to configure
  • What is an abstract class, for example?
  • How do you check if the web element is present on the webpage?
  • Print all the values from the drop-down.
  • Write the structure of your framework and Method overriding and explain

HCL Technologies Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about your project.
  • What will be your approach if you have to automate signup for 100 profiles?
  • Tell me about your framework.
  • What are the integrations available for your project?
  • Can I search for any product by product id?
  • If you have QC then why you are using ALM
  • defect life cycle
  • Modules of your previous project
  • diff between / and //
  • how to handle alert pop up
  • diff b/w assert and verify
  • What are the challenges you have faced in your project?
  • if I click on any product, then it will redirect to a new page that displays the product image and its attribute how you will verify that not based on your header on your page based on attributes
  • diff flavor of selenium & diff in them
  • have you automated for diff browser
  • is there any diff in coding if you are writing code for diff browsers
  • tell me about locators
  • why we are using x path
  • In your company, what type of Jenkins server you are using?
  • How will you handle a dropdown 10th frame 10 element which is not visible?
  • Explain the selenium grid process in your project. How you will run your test scripts on other systems? (company oriented)
  • How will you create the framework for your project(company-oriented)?

HCL Technologies Fresher Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about your project.
  • What will be your approach if you have to automate signup for 100 profiles?
  • Tell me about your framework.
  • What are the integrations available for your project?
  • Can I search for any product by product id?
  • If you have QC then why you are using ALM
  • defect life cycle
  • Modules of your previous project
  • diff between / and //
  • how to handle alert pop up
  • diff b/w assert and verify
  • What are the challenges you have faced in your project?
  • if I click on any product, then it will redirect to a new page that displays the product image and its attribute how
  • you will verify that not based on your header on your page based on attributes
  • diff flavor of selenium & diff in them
  • have you automated for diff browser
  • is there any diff in coding if you are writing code for diff browsers
  • tell me about locators
  • why we are using x path

HCL Technologies Selenium interview questions

Written Test Questions:

  • Write a code to get the text available in the 3rd window and move the control to the 2nd window and close it.
  • Count no words and sentences in a notepad.
  • Count no. Of words and sentences in notepad and arrange them in ascending order.

F2F questions:

  • What is the default port id?
  • GRID concept bit.
  • Different versions/flavors of Selenium
  • How to run code in RC.
  • Disadvantages of RC with WebDriver
  • If you have entered the URL, but trying to perform the remaining code operation, which exception you will get?
  • Listeners concept.
  • Bug life cycle
  • Field available Test case/design template
  • Exception concept difference between the web driver listener and TestNG lister?
  • The return type of data provider?
  • How can we clear the cookie in selenium?
  • How will we check the cookies in selenium?
  • There are 5 input boxes on a page, and first, I have to select the 3rd input box write some data into it, and return back to 2 input boxes. How you will do it?
  • Difference between Hashmap, HashTable, and ArrayList?
  • How to run the test cases through the command prompt.
  • There is one string say attribute, so write a code to find the repeated word in that string, and it should work for case insensitive(work for lower case and upper case)
  • Difference between Selenium RC and webdriver?

HCL Technical & HR Interview Questions

1st technical [ From Java ]

  • What is the difference between final, finally, finalize
  • what is the difference between Call by value and call by reference
  • How to find out the length of the string without using the length function
  • How to find out the part of the string from a string
  • difference between throw & throws
  • What is binding(Early and Late binding)
  • He gives Programs
    1. Reverse a number
    find the biggest number among these
  • Simple string program.
  • What is exception types of exception?

From manual

  • what is the test case technique
  • Why do we write the test case?
  • bug life cycle
  • What are the different statuses of the bug
  • what is the difference between functional and smoke testing
  • what is STLC?

From Selenium

  • what is testNG and its advantage
  • how to handle SSL/
  • how to handle alert
  • how to take the screenshot
  • Give the diagram to write a script.
  • Tell me about Project. What is the challenge faced during the project
  • what is the difference between RC and webdriver?
  • What is the framework to explain it?
  • Why do we use the wait statement?

2nd technical

  • They give an application & tell to write the scenario
  • some manual testing concepts.

HCL Telephonic Software Testing Interview Questions

  • Explain iFrames (Eg: From Dashboard->frame-1->frame-2), How do you traverse?
  • Interfaces (how do u write, where do you store them, and how do you access them)?
  • Give Your project description.
  • How do you move between frames?
  • How do you ensure code reusability? (How To Write Maintainable And Reusable Test Code)?
  • Locators(XPath or CSS). Which one is better?
  • What is the framework used in your project? Explain it.
  • The modules that you have written/covered. Please give details of the same.
  • Dynamic Elements in your application. How do you handle them?

I love open-source technologies and am very passionate about software development. I like to share my knowledge with others, especially on technology that's why I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for beginners. All the code posted on my blog is developed, compiled, and tested in my development environment. If you find any mistakes or bugs, Please drop an email to softwaretestingo.com@gmail.com, or You can join me on Linkedin.

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