Amdocs Interview Questions

Amdocs Overview

  • Chesterfield, MO (US)
  • 10000+ employees
  • 1982
  • Public (DOX)
  • Network Solutions
  • ₹500 billion
  • Allstate

Amdocs Testing Interview Questions: Practice is essential to preparing for the Amdocs interview. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew precisely what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked Amdocs interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the manual testing interview questions, selenium interview questions & testing interview questions also, but we are recommending spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the Amdocs interview.

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Amdocs Testing Interview Questions

Company Name: Amdocs
Position: Performance Test Engineer
Company Location: Pune
Experience: 2 Yrs
Shared By: Akriti Sinha
No Of Rounds: 3
Updated on: 03.10.2022


My interview at Amdocs had 3 rounds: Technical, Managerial, and HR

  • The technical round was a 40-minute interview with fundamental questions in scripting (primarily Jmeter) since this requirement was for Jmeter.
  • The managerial round was a 20 minutes interview, sort of technical only.
  • Post which HR discussion was a telephonic round.

As I heard, Amdocs usually also takes a scripting round of 3 hours in which you will have to do scripting for a scenario they would share via screen share, which was not there in my case.


  • What is the difference between a vuser as a thread and a vuser as a process?
  • Thinktime and Pacing difference.
  • How do we calculate pacing for a scenario if we are only provided with tps
  • Any Performance bottleneck found. And how it was resolved
  • How many servers are being used in your application?
  • What are the backend technologies used for your application?
  • How many types of thread groups have you used in JMeter?
  • How many listeners are you aware of
  • Are any custom plugins used?
  • What are stability, scalability, stress, and spike testing
  • Ever come across a memory leak during the endurance test
  • Which all GC algorithms have you used

Amdocs Bangalore Interview Questions

Company Location: Bangalore, India
For Client: UBER Technologies
Updated on: 09.03.2020

  • What are the parameters considered for the Performance project plan?
  • How do you finalize the scenarios/business flows for your project
  • What is the difference between Parameterization and Correlation
  • What is the importance of Ordinal
  • What is the difference between thinking time and pacing and Paging
  • What are the scripting challenges you have experienced in your projects?
  • What is the relation between Hits per sec and Throughput
  • What is the difference between Unique each iteration and unique once
  • In one scenario, a user has 32 dynamic values in the first iteration and 40 values in the second iteration. How do you handle
  • What are the bottlenecks identified in your projects?
  • What is the difference between Load and Stress testing and soak testing
  • How do you identify that breakpoint has occurred in your application
  • How do you identify the root cause if one of the application servers has high memory/CPU utilization when compared with other servers of the application
  • What is Little’s Law Little’s Law- Number of users = (Response time + Think time) * TPS
  • web_cache_cleanup(); web_cleanup_cookies();
  • Max Redirection Depth
  • What are the implications of setting a real-world scenario for a load test and a basic schedule for a stress test in a load runner?
  • What kind of testing be done to book a tatkal ticket at 11:00 am in load runner
  • What will you do when the client has not given throughput and response time for a new Performance Testing scenario?

Amdocs Pune Interview Questions

Company Location: Pune, India
Position: SDET Role
Interview Dated: May 8, 2021
Updated on: 22.07.2021

1st round (Feb 27, 2021) – Priyanka and Pranav

  • What are your Roles and Responsibilities
  • Explain the usages of TestNG@Test, @BeforeMethod.
  • Explain the Page object model – What is @FindBy?
  • How can you customize the browser size
    Ans: Dimension class
Dimension dim = new Dimension(850, 700);
  • TestNG Annotations
@Test(dependsOnMethods = { "TC_APILogin", "TC_WebLogin" }) 
TC_WebLogin - method name of TC 
@Test(priority = 3) 
@Test(alwaysRun = true) 
@Test(dependsOnGroups = { "TC_APILogin", "TC_WebLogin" })  
@Test(groups = { "Sanity", "Functional" })


Info: Make your basics clear & Don’t worry; it’s just an interview

Amdocs Pune Interview Questions

Company Location: Pune, India
Updated on: 26.06.2021

API Questions

  • Explain HTTP methods.
  • What is the difference between PUT & POST?
  • When do we get the 200 & 400 status codes?
  • How can we authenticate the correct response?
  • Give a real-time example of a PUT & POST request.

Amdocs Gurgaon Interview Questions

Company Location: Gurgaon, India
Updated on: 17.03.2020

Amdocs (1st Technical Round–1hr)

2nd Round (Client Round–20 mins)

  • Questions regarding your project
  • Framework related questions

Amdocs Pune Interview Questions

Company Location: Pune, India
Updated on: 09.03.2020

  • Given a string, suppose Sahil. Please sort it in alphabetical order without using any inbuilt.
  • a[] = {1, 3,2,5,4};
    Given two arrays, merge these two arrays into a single array without using inbuilt methods.
  • Employee -> emp_name, emp_id, emp_salary, if emp_name is A and id, is one salary is similar to emp_name Z id 26 salary 26. Find out the emp_name whose salary is maximum without using the max function
  • Suppose we have 10 frames, and on the 10th frame, there are multiple checkboxes with the same name. How to check whether it is selected or not ( ID and XPath are all identical for these checkboxes ), and how do we go to that 10th frame?
  • For the above same example, how to select those checkboxes using the mouse in Selenium (id XPath or any other locators is same for all 4 checkboxes)
  • What UNIX commands have you used can you please tell me
  • On how many test scenarios have you written a selenium test script?
    Ans: It depends on the functionality of that module. It covers your regression part.
  • Is manual interference required once you run the automation script for your scenario?
    Ans: No, if any manual intervention is required, then what’s the point of Automation?
  • What is the difference between API testing and Webservice Testing
  • What are the Agile Ceremonies you follow in your project?
  • How and have you implemented Jenkins in your project
  • Write a Python program to read data from a text file and convert it into JSON format
  • Script to Launch Browser
  • WebDriver is a Class or Interface
  • Git Commands you are using in day-to-day life
  • Python program to print Given Pattern
    2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9 10
  • How to transfer files from one server to another server
  • What will be the output of the below command on Linux
    grep -8 “This is Data” | Given Text

Amdocs Gurgaon Interview Questions

Company Name: Amdocs
Company Location: Gurgaon, India
Experience: 3-5 Years

  • Introduction
  • What is the different agile ceremony?
  • Write a program to find the occurrence of the character.
  • What is the difference between a TreeMap and HashMap?
  • Fetch employees’ names and salaries from the table in sorted order.
  • Explain any 5 Docker commands.
  • Docker volume prune use of this command.
  • Docker volume ls command use
  • PRIVATE Cloud vs. public cloud diff
  • What is the use of the Distinct keyword in SQL?
  • What is the alternative to distinct
  • Explain the Git head reset
  • Git flow for newly joined member
  • Difference between string buffer and string and string builder
  • Internal working of the treemap
  • Git revert command
  • Git detach
  • Program to get the power of any no with the logic of negative value-added
  • They will also check your multitasking ability by asking the question when you’re writing your logic for a program
  • Explain your current project framework
  • There is a refresh button…There is an inactive link. There is a download button Continuously click on the refresh button until the link gets enabled, and then click the download button and handle the download popup.
  • Java program to count the number of occurrences of a digit in an array and print max occurrence of a number
  • The SQL query to remove duplicate rows from a table
  • There is an array of 0 s and 1s. Write a program to move 0s to the left and 1s to the right
  • There is a webelement displaying fully dynamic scores. How do you handle it?
  • How do you handle dynamic waits?
  • How do you identify objects on a webpage? Tell me different ways.

Amdocs UFT Interview Questions

  • Tell me something about yourself. Role and responsibility?
  • What is Action? Type of actions?
  • What are the synchronization methods?
  • What are inbuild VB methods?
  • Types of Descriptive programming?
  • What is Recovery Scenarios mean?
  • How many objects are required to create 10 million users? If one, then how?
  • What is a Regular expression?
  • What is a Dictionary object?
  • What are static and dynamic objects mean?
  • What is the common method’s object?
  • The array can be passed by value or reference?
  • What is the error you faced during the merging framework with OR?
  • What is the Environment Variable? Their Types?
  • Function by value, reference, and default? Given one program and write down output for the same as per function and parameter?
  • Types of the framework?
  • How results are maintained in our organization if any test cases are passed or failed.
  • Diff between QTP function and normal function?
  • How to integrate QTP and QC?
  • Done Unix scripting with QTP?
  • How to fetch a sub-string from a string?

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