BigBasket Interview Questions

BigBasket Overview

  • Bengaluru
  • 1001 to 5000 employees
  • 2011
  • Private Company
  • Grocery Shops
  • Unknown
  • BAeHAL Software

Bigbasket Interview Questions: The most crucial part of preparing for an interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew precisely what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked Bigbasket interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the manual testing interview questions, selenium interview questions & testing interview questions also, but we are recommending spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the Bigbasket interview.

Still, we need your love and support to make this platform more helpful to our fellow testers. So please share your recent interview questions and experience with us. You Can share those details by connecting with us at

Bigbasket Interview Questions

Company Location: Bangalore, India
Updated on: 25.10.2021

  • What type of QA process followed in your company
  • What is your role in testing
  • What are the challenges faced by you so far in automation testing?
  • What are your Entry and Exit criteria in the STLC Process?
  • Can you draw a flow chart to explain the WaterFall model?
  • Benefits of the Waterfall model
  • Scenario: For example, there is an application, and I want to log in to it; when I click on submit button, it’s not working; how do you test that particular scenario? Explains it to me.
    In the above scenario, what are you going to do? Will you raise a defect n assign it to the dev team are what?
  • What is the difference between retesting and regression testing
  • When will you stop testing?
  • What are the different types of Testing Techniques?
  • One idiotic question comes into the picture here. If a bike has two wheels, each can travel a distance of 5km. So how much distance will you cover here? He doesn’t have any knowledge of selenium and core java.
  • Can you explain the string concepts in Java?
  • Explain Array concepts
  • Can you write some Test cases for traffic signals?
  • Can you explain your automation framework POM?
  • Where you will add dependencies.
  • Write a Java program that includes all concepts of java, like inheritance polymorphism and so
  • Some puzzle Questions
  • Explain the Build cycle of Maven and ask some maven commands.
  • Jenkins configurations.
  • Framework and framework manipulation
  • Explain the String and collection.
  • He is asking questions about database testing. I said that I had an idea about database Testing. He gave me a class for 25min regarding DB testing.

Finally, the interview comes to an end pathetic situation.

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