Verifone Premier Interview Questions

Verifone Overview

  • Coral Springs, Florida
  • 5,001-10,000 employees
  • 1981
  • Financial Services

Verifone Premier Interview Questions: To start a career journey with Verifone, a global leader in payment technology, is an exciting prospect for many. However, with great opportunities come great expectations, particularly when it comes to the interview process.

Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to make your mark or an experienced quality assurance (QA) professional seeking a new challenge, preparing for a Verifone interview requires a strategic approach.

In this blog post, we will explore the world of Verifone interview questions tailored to the specific needs of freshers, manual testers, and those eyeing roles in QA and automation testing.

These questions not only serve as a gateway to understanding what Verifone values but also as a tool to help you shine in your interview. These real-time Verifone Premier Interview Questions will help you understand what type of questions were asked previously to the candidates.

Verifone Premier Interview Questions

Company: Verifone
Location: Bengaluru
Year of Interview Attended: 2019
Role: QA Automation Engineer/Test Automation Engineer/SDET
Experience: Around 5 years and Around 2 years in Test Automation using Selenium Webdriver with Java

First Round (Duration: 60 mins)

  • Explain any End toEnd Test scenario for your project
  • How do you handle the bugs that are coming randomly for a scenario? The bug is coming after executing 3 times, sometimes after 10 times; what kind of a bug is this? What is your approach? How do you communicate with the Developer? Explain in detail
  • What is Regression Testing, why do we need Regression testing, and at what point in time do you perform Regression Testing
  • Before Automating, what exactly do you need to do?
  • Explain BLC in Detail
  • Scenario: Write a Webdriver code where you enter, select MI Phone, and go to (All standards should be covered while writing the Test Script). Also, the interviewer asked why the page object model is used, its advantages in your Framework, and why you have used Apache POI.
  • Explain the differences between Waterfall And Scrum.
  • What exactly do you do when you receive a build?
  • What are the types of Testing you carry out in a Sprint? Explain all kinds of testing carried out and when which kind of testing is carried out.
  • What exactly do you suggest to a developer when there are many bugs in a build, like a blocker, critical, and all kinds of bugs?
  • Explain Scrum in detail with all the activities carried out, ceremonies attended
  • What is your Roles and Responsibilities in a Sprint
  • When you reject a build, what contents will you be adding in the mail?
  • What is the approach(process) before Sprint starts?
  • Assume that there is a demo tomorrow, but in the testing today, you have found some bugs impacting 30-40 % of the application so that you will kill the Sprint, or you will go ahead with the demo first and then continue the bug fixing and retesting in the later stages?
  • Which version of Selenium and Java you are working on
  • Since you have worked on both manual and Automation, where exactly did you get a feel like “This one should have implemented better in manual testing itself, which means what improvements could have been made in Testing manually.”
  • Since you have worked on both manual and Automation, where exactly did you get a feel like “what kind of scenarios you realized that this scenario has to be automated.”
  • How would you come to know or decide whether a build is stable or not?
  • Why Properties file is used in your Framework, explain.
  • Do you have any questions to ask?

Second Round (Duration: 45 mins)

  • Write any test script from your project, and Explain.
  • What is implicit wait, and what time does the implicit reference stay I mean the lifetime, and how many times have you written implicit wait in your framework
  • What is Webdriver
  • What made Selenium Webdriver more useful than RC means what big advantage Webdriver has compared to RC.
  • Write Java code for multiple inheritance. Is it possible in Java?
  • Why Explicit wait is used in your Project, and how do you write the code?
  • If multiple inheritance is not possible through class, what is the solution?
  • Explain the Differences between interface and abstract class.
  • Explain how you test a Door and tell a few scenarios.
  • Webdriver driver = new FireFoxDdriver(); here, what exactly does new perform, and explain also what FireFoxDdriver() does?
  • In TestNG, I don’t give priority to what order all test methods will run.
  • In TestNG, I give priority as 3 to the first method, 5 to 2nd method, and -2 to 3rd method, then in what order all 3 test methods run.
  • Interviewer – Using ApachePOI for fetching each and every data from an Excel sheet is very heavy, isn’t it? i.e., Calling Methods of WorkbookFactory is very heavy and time-consuming, isn’t it? And the performance of Test Scripts will go down, won’t it?
    Me –
    Yes, and this is how we implemented it in the present and previous projects, where the Manager and Lead carried out the complete Framework setup.
  • Interviewer – what would be the alternate approach to overcome this issue?
  • There are 3 candles, and each takes 2 hrs to burn out completely; how will you come to know? The time has passed exactly 1:45 mins.
  • Scale, watch, clock, and stop clock will be given, and you should not tilt the candles either.
  • Do you have any questions to ask?

Third Round – Manager Round (Duration: 15 mins)

  • Introduce Yourself
  • How many Offers do you have now
  • Since you already have an Offer, which is mentioned Verbally, and our Process with Other discussions like HR discussions, etc, may take 12–14 days. Are you OK with waiting these many days mentioned?

Verdict: Rejected
Reason: Since I didn’t agree to wait for around 2 weeks for Final discussions, and also had 2 more offers mentioned Verbally and immediately 10–15 mins after this Interview, I got confirmation that I have been selected for One of the companies, and next day got confirmation with another Company too.

About Verifone

Verifone starts with payment of any kind, but that moment is just the beginning step in the digital revolution of commerce. Consumers want personalized experiences that let them shop where they want, how they want, when they want – on a digital device or in a store.

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