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State Street Interview Questions: The most important part of preparing for an interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked State Street interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the Testing Interview Questions, but we recommend spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the State Street interview.

Still, we need your love and support to make this platform more helpful to our fellow testers. So please share your recent interview questions and experience with us. You Can share those details by connecting with us at

State Street Interview Questions

Company Location: Bangalore
Updated Date: 04-12-2021

  • Tell me about your previous company role.
  • What is regression testing?
  • What is a test case, and explain with an example?
  • What is unit testing?
  • What is system testing?
  • What is SDLC?
  • Explain the phases of SDLC
  • What is the Bug cycle?
  • What is smoke testing?
  • What is the severity/priority?
  • Tell me about Agile and how you used it.
  • What is the difference between verification & validation?
  • On your webpage, you have four separate tables. Then how will you traverse those tables and select the buttons available in each table?
  • What strategies did you follow while building a selenium framework from scratch?
  • Without implicit wait, selenium script will work or not?
  • What is the default polling time in explicit wait and implicit wait?
  • Which concept have they implemented in explicit and fluent wait?
  • Explain abstraction and interface respect of selenium with some example
  • Have you used interfaces in your framework other than selenium interfaces?
  • How do you initialize web elements in POM? What error or exception will come if not initiated?

About State Street Company

At State Street, we partner with institutional investors worldwide to provide comprehensive financial services, including investment management, investment research and trading, and investment servicing.

Whether you are an asset manager, asset owner, alternative asset manager, insurance company, pension fund, or official institution, you can rely on us to be focused on your challenges. We are committed to doing what it takes to help you perform better now and in the future.

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