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  • 501-1,000 employees
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Mitratech Holdings Interview Questions: Interviews are a crucial aspect of the hiring process, as they allow employers to get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s Software Testing skills, experience in Manual & Automation testing, Other Various Testing tools like GIT, Maven, Jenkins, and personality of the candidates.

But the Interview questions are the backbone of any job interview. So as a job seeker, it can be challenging to anticipate what questions you may be asked and how to answer them effectively. But we have some good news for you, we have collected and received real-time software testing interview questions from our fellow visitors.

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This Mitratech Holdings Interview Questions blog post will cover some of the most challenging and real-time interview questions asked in the tech industry, especially in Mitratech Holdings company. We’ll try to cover everything from coding challenges to all types of questions so you can be fully prepared for any technical interview.

So whether you’re a software test engineer, automation testing engineer, or manual testing engineer, prepare the below-mentioned interview questions to ace your next technical interview and land your dream job in the tech industry.

We require your love and backing to enhance the usefulness of our platform for our fellow testers. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your recent interview questions and experiences with us. To do so, don’t hesitate to contact us at and provide details about your interview experience.

Mitratech Holdings Interview Questions

Nagarro – 2 Technical, 1 HR – – Banglore

Round 1

  • What is the method used to select all the values from the dropdown?
  • How to delete a specific cookie using selenium.
  • What is the Order of TestNG Before and After annotations?
  • Explain the ‘DependsOn’ and ‘Groups’ attributes in TestNG.
  • Find Duplicates in an array without using Collections (using typical for loops)
  • What is the difference between driver.get() and driver.navigate().to()
  • How to find broken links in selenium.
  • How to convert String to Integer.
  • What exception occurs when dividing a number by zero?
  • What will happen if you try to convert a string ‘abc’ to an integer?
  • What are the different exceptions you have faced in your project?
  • How do you create a job in Jenkins?
  • Explain your rest-assured framework.
  • Explain Serialization and Deserialization. How did you achieve that in your framework?
  • In Rest Assured, how do you pass multiple query Parameters?
  • How do you create and pass a dynamic payload, rest assured.
  • Explain the API Status codes 300 and 400
  • What parameters do you pass in the Cucumber Test Runner file under @Cucumber Options?
  • Explain the difference between Test Plan Vs. Test Strategy
  • Effort Estimation/task Estimation techniques

Round 2

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your Roles and Responsibilities in the current project?
  • Explain, try, catch, and finally.
  • As a QA Engineer, What will you do when a link is not working in your application(Go to Chrome Dev Tool—Networks tab & check for the API response and try to figure out the reason)
  • Will the finally block will execute when you have System.exit() in the try block?
  • What is the difference between Java 7 and Java 8
  • Explain Background and Scenario keywords in Cucumber
  • Considerations before creating a framework
  • Different components of an HTTP URL (Ans: Endpoint URL+Resource+Path praramater+Query Parameter)
  • Have you worked in IOT/Cloud apps?
  • Correct the below code.
protected Interface Test() 
  public static final int a = 3;
  private static string = ”str”;
  public void foo() 

About Mitratech Holdings

Mitratech is a trusted, global technology partner empowering corporate legal, risk & compliance, and HR professionals to maximize productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening operational alignment and increasing collaboration & visibility across their organization.

With Mitratech’s proven portfolio of end-to-end solutions, organizations worldwide can proactively identify and implement best practices and standardize processes across all lines of business to manage risk and ensure business continuity.

Mitratech partners with more than 1,500 companies worldwide, from small, nimble teams needing tech enablement, to the largest organizations trying to centralize, streamline and collaborate across their legal and risk functions. Mitratech’s user base spans more than 160 countries.

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