How to Handle Ajax Call

AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript & XML ) is a technique in which XMLHttpRequest is sent to the server asynchronously and retrieve a small amount of data from the server without reloading the entire page. The means in client-side browser interact with the server VIA AJAX and the operation is performed without refreshing the page. The best of this is all the operation is performed without disturbing the user.

Challenges in Testing AJAX Application

As we have mentioned earlier by using AJAX you can improve the efficiency and value for the users, but testers face challenges when they are testing with the selenium webdriver. Because by using AJAX it’s very much difficult to find out the changes because it is not changing the DOM or the web page. That’s why it is very much difficult to find out the actual time when The AJAX call got completed when a page got updated with which values.

How to Overcome the Challenges of AJAX Based application?

There is a simple solution to handle the AJAX-based application and that is By waiting for the element which will generate after complete the AJAX call. So in this post, we are going to discuss various method to handle the AJAX calls, by using the different wait methods.

So to handle such challenges we can use the different wait methods like:

  • Explicit Waits
  • Implicit Waits
  • Fluent Waits
  • WebDriverWait
  • Thread.Sleep()

If you have not checked our a detailed post on how to use those different wait method you can check our this post.

Apart from this, we can handle the AJAX call, using JavaScriptExecutor.

How do you handle AJAX calls?

There are several Wait methods you can use to handle AJAX calls. You can add these pieces of code to your own AJAX testing code.

Can we handle AJAX controls using selenium?

Handling AJAX calls is one of the common issues when using Selenium WebDriver. … AJAX sends HTTP requests from the client to server and then process the server’s response without reloading the entire page. To handle AJAX controls, wait commands may not work. It’s just because the actual page is not going to refresh.

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