Eurofins Genomics Interview Questions

Eurofins Genomics Overview

  • Luxembourg
  • 10,001+ employees
  • Public Company
  • Biotechnology

Eurofins Genomics Interview Questions: The most important part of preparing for an interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew precisely what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked Eurofins interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the Wissen Technology Interview Questions, selenium interview questions & testing interview questions also, but we are recommending spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the Eurofins interview.

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Eurofins Genomics Interview Questions

Location: Bangalore
Interview Mode: Face to Face

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me the workflow of your project.
  • Is it you providing / your role in the testing end to end?
  • Tell me why we need the test cases if we already write test scenarios.
  • Tell me the quality of the testing.
  • Program: Fibonacci program
  • Program: Find the count of repeating charterers from a string.
  • Program: Print a pattern. full pyramid
  • How many bugs did you find in your project?
  • How many sprints were deployed?
  • What is the process you follow in your company to automate test cases
  • What coding standards did you follow in your framework?
  • How are you & are you comfortable? He introduced himself.
  • Okay, I am done with the interview. Do you have any questions for me?
  • Explain SDLC & STLC
  • Explain the defect life cycle.
  • Which tool do you use for bug tracking
  • Explain collections
  • What is the difference between hashmap & HashSet?
  • Program: Write a program to delete duplicate values in a string array
  • Explain the hashmap with an example.
  • Through actions class, can you pass the test data instead of sendkeys

About Eurofins Genomics | Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company providing a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries to make life and the environment safer, healthier, and more sustainable. From the food you eat to the medicines you rely on, Eurofins works with the biggest companies in the world to ensure the products they supply are safe, their ingredients are authentic, and their labeling is accurate.

Eurofins is a global leader in food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic product testing and agroscience CRO services. It is also one of the global independent market leaders in specific testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, CDMO, advanced material sciences, and in support of clinical studies.

In over 30 years, Eurofins has grown from one laboratory in Nantes, France, to 55,000 staff across a network of 1,000 independent companies in over 50 countries, operating 900 laboratories. Performing over 450 million tests every year, Eurofins offers a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods to evaluate the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability, and purity of biological substances and products, as well as providing innovative clinical diagnostic testing services, as one of the leading global emerging players in specialized clinical diagnostics testing.

It is one of the fastest-growing listed European companies. Since its IPO on the French stock exchange in 1997, Eurofins’ revenues have increased by 34% yearly (in compound average) to over EUR 5.4 billion in 2020.

Eurofins Scientific, through its subsidiaries, is the world leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products testing and agroscience CRO services. It is also one of the global independent market leaders in testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences, and supporting clinical studies. In addition, Eurofins is one of the key emerging players in specialty esoteric and molecular clinical diagnostic testing in Europe and the USA.

With 55,000 staff across a network of more than 1000 independent companies in over 50 countries and operating 900 laboratories, Eurofins offers a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods for evaluating the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin, and purity of biological substances and products, as well as for innovative clinical diagnostics. The objective of Eurofins companies is to provide their customers with high-quality services, accurate results on time, and expert advice from their highly qualified staff.


Here are some of the Frequently asked interview questions:

Where Is Eurofins Bangalore?

#540/1, Doddanakundi Industrial Area 2, Graphite India Road, Hoodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

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