Checklist for UI Testing of WebsiteApp

The graphical user interface is an important part of software applications, irrespective of whether the application is web-based or mobile. To check the graphical user interface, we need to focus on some things generally mentioned in the checklist for UI Testing. 

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It is a graphical user interface that end-users first come across and get the impression of the application. If the graphical user interface meets the customer’s expectations, the customer is more likely to accept the application happily than an application whose all functionalities work, but the graphical user interface is not as per the client’s expectation.

So, it is important that any graphical user interface elements do not function inappropriately, and all the graphical elements should function as expected. A checklist is available for UI testing graphical user interface, but before going to the checklist, let us understand Graphical user interface UI testing in more detail.

What is the User Interface?

First of all, we should understand what is the user interface. The user interface is the front view of the application used by the end-user to use and interact with the software application. The user can only work on the software and hardware through the user interface.

Graphical user Interface

The graphical user interface provides the graphical interface for the end-user to interact with the software application.

Graphical User Interface UI Testing Checklist

Graphical user interface testing or UI testing checklist may be considered a guideline to the UI testing team and the development team to follow the known and set standard of the graphical user interface by performing graphical development and testing the application to maintain the set standard.

Graphical User Interface Testing

There are a number of interface elements that need to be checked while doing graphical user interface UI testing. Not only are layout, design, size, and alignment of the interface element action done but also the functionality related to interface elements are checked.

For example, whether the application meets expected behavior after clicking the button or shows expected behavior when selecting menu elements, drop-down items, or selecting different checkboxes.

All the test cases should be prepared for each unique action done on graphical user interface elements. Test cases on graphical user interface elements may also be automated so as to save time and effort while doing continuous testing.

Checklist to perform graphical user interface UI testing

Let us look at the checklist of some things that require special attention while performing graphical user interface testing, which are given below.

  • Navigation: Check navigation from all the menus, menu items, or toolbar used to navigate the web page. One more thing that should be kept in mind is that navigation should be checked with both mouse and keyboard, and all the navigation links should be directed to the expected navigation page. Apart from checking out the link navigation, we should also check that there is no blank link that does not direct to any other page.
  • Formatting: As a graphical user interface tester, we need to see formatting for special controls like calendar control for setting dates in the control fields, drop-down lists that contain drop-down list items, etc. Also, there is a need to see that elements contained in these controls are properly formatted.
  • Colors and fonts of the text: It is important to check that the colors, font sizes, and font of the text used in the application are uniform.
  • Scrolls: It is important to check that the horizontal and vertical scrolls are properly aligned and have been used only in the case required. The graphical interface tester should get all scrolls if they are no longer required on the web page.
  • Controls and alignments: It is important to check that all controls, text contents, menu items, and labels are properly aligned. Also, it is important to see that the window is resizable at all resolutions. Also, there is a need to check the website’s responsiveness on different devices.
  • Spelling and grammar: Spelling and grammar checks should be done for all text elements, whether they appear on the window, the error message on the popup window, or any other place. No spelling and grammar mistakes should be there in the software application.
  • Tab: Tabbing should follow the proper sequence from top left to right bottom, which is usually the default tab sequence. Disabled and read-only fields should be avoided in the tab sequence.
  • Images: There should be proper checking of topic alignment on different devices to check whether the images are displayed properly on different devices.
  • Usability: Usability means how much user-friendly the application is. For testing usability, the tester needs to test applications like the end-user and check whether the controls, like buttons, labels, checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, etc., behave as per requirement.

These are some checklist guidelines we follow during graphical user interface testing. Overall. we can say that graphical user interface testing a web application/App is a very important part of testing. As a tester, we need to leave no stone unturned while doing graphical user interface testing because there is never a second chance to give the client the first impression of the application.

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