Test Case For Electronic Reader

Test Case For Electronic Reader: An electronic reader is a handheld device that allows people to read books, newspapers, and other articles without having to print them out. Batteries or an AC adapter typically power them in different styles and colors.

The main benefits of using an electronic reader are convenience and freedom from traditional paper hassles, such as filling the waste bin with unwanted publications. Additionally, they allow you to take your reading anywhere, including on vacation or while traveling.

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Depending on your type of reader, you can also access book reviews, author interviews, discussion forums, and more. So, if reading literature is one of your interests (and who isn’t?), investing in an electronic reader may be the perfect way to enjoy it at any time imaginable!

Test Case For Electronic Reader

Electronic Reader Test Case

 We can write 1000 number test cases. Few are here :

  • Is it electronic or not?
  • Is it started properly or not?
  • Is it able to read?
  • Is it based on AC or DC current?
  • What should be the maximum length of the wire?
  • What should be the minimum charge and maximum to start the electronic reader?

You can check each part’s functionality, and you can also write the features. So, mainly, test cases are based on your requirements. What do you want to check?

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