Altus Group Ltd Interview Questions

Altus Group Overview

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • 1,001-5,000 employees
  • 2005
  • Real Estate

Altus Group Ltd Interview Questions: When considering a potential career move, particularly in the field of QA (Quality Assurance), it’s crucial to be well-prepared for the unique challenges posed by each organization’s interview process.

Altus Group, a globally recognized leader in providing software solutions, data analytics, and independent advisory services to the commercial real estate industry, is no exception. As part of their comprehensive recruitment procedure, Altus Group is renowned for presenting candidates, whether they specialize in automation or manual testing, with a specific and thoughtfully curated set of interview questions.

These inquiries serve as a litmus test, meticulously crafted to evaluate candidates’ technical acumen, problem-solving abilities, and their capacity to thrive within the dynamic domain of software quality assurance. In the subsequent sections, we will share the interview questions that were asked in the Altus Group to candidates aiming to join their elite QA team.

These questions not only provide a glimpse into Altus Group’s rigorous hiring standards but also offer invaluable insights to help candidates prepare effectively for their interviews.

Altus Group Ltd Interview Questions

Role: SDET in Canada Service MNC

Technical round :

  • About yourself
  • Difference between Rest API and XML
  • What are the header parameters in Rest API?
  • What do you mean by an interface? Can we declare variables and methods in it?
  • If yes to the above question – can we be able to change the scope of the variable declared
  • Are we able to return the abstract methods? Why?
  • What is the difference between generic and normal functions, and where you have used in your framework
  • The difference between put and post
  • Where exactly can we use the put method in API automation
  • How to make a wait when multiple API calls are triggered simultaneously
  • How to validate the API response
  • Difference between Serialisation and Deserialization
  • API error codes, scenarios
  • How to write the test cases for API for train speed scenarios varies from 1 to 100km /hr.
  • the syntax for post requests using Java
  • Why are we using getters and setters and any benefits over normal call
  • Can we automate the service-related errors, and how can we handle those exceptions in the framework
  • Jars needed for rest-assured automation
  • How do you handle dynamic web tables, and how do you write XPath to read an unknown value of a cell?
  • How to handle mouse operations
  • Agile ceremonies

Technomangerical round:

  • About roles and responsibilities of my current project
  • Write a Java program to count the Vowles occurrence of a given string
  • Write a program to remove the duplicate chars in a string
  • Write an XPath for a dynamic changing element in a webpage
  • Write a syntax for a cucumber-based file upload scenario
  • Explain the rest assured automation framework and its structure
  • Agile methodology and its process
  • About role discussion and client-related discussion

Final HR discussion

About Altus Group

Altus Group is a leading provider of asset and fund intelligence for commercial real estate. We deliver intelligence as a service to our global client base through a connected platform of industry-leading technology, advanced analytics, and advisory services.

Trusted by the largest CRE leaders, our capabilities help commercial real estate investors, developers, proprietors, lenders, and advisors manage risks and improve performance returns throughout the asset and fund lifecycle. Altus Group is a global company headquartered in Toronto with approximately 2,900 employees across North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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