Test Cases For White Board & Marker

Test Cases For WhiteBoard Testing | White Board Test Cases: We will discuss how to write a test case about Whiteboard. We try to share as many test cases as possible so that all testers can benefit and know how to write test cases for any object.

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One suggestion for all testers is to review the functionalities before writing any test cases and get a total idea about them.

Test Cases For White Board

Test Cases For White Board Testing
  • Check the size of the board is as per the requirement document
  • Check the weight of the whiteboard is as per the specification document
  • Check the height of the whiteboard is as per the specification document
  • Check the space on the whiteboard is as per the SRS document.
  • Check if the whiteboard has a holder for holding the marker and duster.
  • Check how many characters the user can write on the board.
  • Check the material on the whiteboard’s surface per the SRS document.
  • Check if the whiteboard has a protective boundary.
  • Check whether all the accessory materials, like hooks and borders, are available as mentioned in the document.
  • Check if the board color is pure white or any color combination with white.
  • Check whether a user can write on the board.
  • Check whether the written words are visible and readable.
  • Check whether it is suitable for writing standard or specified markers on the whiteboard’s surface.
  • Check if the board has sufficient friction to write on its surface.
  • Check the colored text is visible on the whiteboard.
  • Check if the reflection is minimal on the board so we can use the projector for a better presentation.
  • Check that the corners of the boards are round-safe so they will not harm anyone.
  • Check the board is clean and clear after rubbing the duster on it.
  • Check if the board’s color is fading after using it for some time.
  • Check that there is no jerking when the user writes something on the board.
  • If the user leaves the writings on the board for a few days, how easy is it to wipe them off?
  • Check that the user can write with only a marker pen or use a pen or pencil on the whiteboard.
  • Check how much stress is required to erase the text on the whiteboard.
  • Check whether a normal duster can raise the text written over the whiteboard.
  • Check the whiteboard condition on different temperatures like humidity time, high temperature, low temperature, etc.
  • Check whether the whiteboard is Glassy type, meaning the shadow should not appear when writing something on the board.

Test Case For Marker

Test Case For Marker


  • The Marker should be able to write.
  • The marker should be reusable, and you can refill it with ink.

User Interface:

  • The tip of the marker should be easily visible so one can quickly identify the position to hold it while writing.
  • The Marker has a bar code, which is a unique item code for it.
  • The Marker has the name of the company which has manufactured it.
  • The body color of the marker should suggest the color of the marker’s ink.
  • The color of the marker should be pleasant to the eye.


  • The effort required to use the marker should be minimal, i.e., one should not have to stress about writing something with it.
  • The marker should be light to hold and easy to use.
  • The Marker can be used to write text, make figures, and color a portion of the desired object.
  • The marker should exhibit smoothness while used.
  • The tip of the marker should be round and not flat, and this would prevent putting stress on it.
  • The marker’s circumference should be wide enough to hold, neither too wide nor too thin.


  • The marker tip should be made of a material so that the efficiency of using ink for writing should be high.
  • The life of the marker should be optimum.


  • The marker should have a cap to protect its ink from drying up when not in use.


  • The marker should be made of a plastic body that encloses a cushion soaked with ink, a tip to write, and a cap to cover it.


  • The Marker should be able to write on paper and the whiteboard.


  • The marker should not break if dropped.
  • The marker stops working if used on a rough surface for some time.
  • The marker can be used to hit someone.

We try to share those scenarios, which I could think of, and still, if you think that. I have missed any test cases you can comment on in the comment section. We are happy to add that to this post.

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