Test Case For Water Dispenser

Test Case For Water Dispenser | Test Case For Water Purifier: We’ve got some test case interview questions in our comment box. In this article, we discuss test cases for the water dispenser. We take a look at both functional and nonfunctional scenarios.

The test cases will vary depending on the model and the type of machine. So, for the sake of simplicity, I am considering the blue star dispenser machine. You can choose any other local dispenser that you have around.

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Note: If you are asked this question in an interview, clarify this point with the recruiter. I have found around six different types of water dispenser machines. And each machine has plenty of test scenarios that may differ from one model to another. I am sure you’ll be able to explain to them once you and the person you’re explaining to get the idea of which type of machine you’re referring to in your test cases.

Test Case For Water Purifier

Check out the image below for reference. Here are some test cases you can write for the water dispenser.

Water Dispenser Design

  • Check the size of the machine and verify if it meets the requirements.
  • Check the height of the machine is as per the design specification.
  • Check the color of the machine is as per the specification.
  • Check the paint is as per the design specification.

Water Dispenser Placement

  • Verify the placement of the cold water.
  • Verify the placement of the wasted water region.
  • Verify the placement of warm water.
  • Verify the placement of the normal water.
  • Verify the water dispensing from the outlets.
  • Verify if the water knob fits most bottles.
  • Verify if any module placement leads to water leakage.
  • Check the water-holding bucket and stand and verify its placement.
  • Check if the entire unit can easily move from one place to another.

Water Dispenser Control Module

  • Verify if the water temperature control module is functioning.
  • Verify if the power control module is functioning.
  • Verify how the extra water is controlled & check if it’s functioning.
  • Verify if the control module monitors the water level.
  • Verify if the water flow level can be controlled through the knob.

Water Dispenser Functional Test Scenarios

Here are some of the functional test scenarios that you can check out.

  • Check if all the water outlets are functional.
  • Check if the water outlet is getting water as per the specification. e.g., warm water from the same outlet and so on.
  • Check if the water supply to the water dispenser is working as per the specification.
  • Check if the power supply works fine and as per specification.
  • Check if the water level indicator works.
  • Check if the water dispenser closes the knob properly.
  • Check the flow of the water is easy and continuous.

These are some test scenarios you can write for the interview questions or your working test writing job. You can add more test cases, which may vary depending on the type of machine you are assuming for the test.

Feel free to add more test cases in the comments below. I’d appreciate it if you shared the link to this article on social media. Ask your friends to read this article.

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