MRI Software Interview Questions

MRI Software Overview

  • Solon, OH
  • 1,001-5,000 employees
  • Software Development

MRI Software Interview Questions: Practice is the most important part of preparing for an interview. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked MRI Software interview questions and answers.

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We have tried to share some of the Selenium Tricky Interview Questions also. Still, we recommend spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the MRI Software interview.

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MRI Software Interview Questions

Company Name: MRI Software
Company Location: Quality Assurance Automation Engineer
Interview Location: Bangalore
Experience: 3+ Years
Updated on: 15.10.2022


  • Write a snippet code to execute javascript from selenium using javascript executor.
  • How to handle frame. How to come back from the parent window.
  • What is the difference between XPath and CSS selectors? Write the code using CSS selector…present in the validate day.
  • Write a snippet code on SQL: Database connection


  • Write a java program where you get rid of all the space from a string variable.
  • Write a java program to retrieve all the permutations value using a string.
  • Write a java code to print whether a number is a Prime number or not.

Some Database questions

  • Difference between truncate, drop, and delete.

Section A – Java & Testing

  • Write code snippet for the creation of SQL- DB Connection
  • How to handle frames using selenium webDriver? And how to come back to the present window?
  • What is Maven build life cycle? Name 3 builds the lifecycle of Maven
  • What is the difference between Xpath and CSSSelector? Write CSS Selector for the below Snippet to find available days
    <div class=”day past calendar day 2017-02-13 calendar row-1 unavailable”>
    <div class=”day today calendar day 2017-02-14 calendar row-2 unavailable”>
    <div class=”day calendar day 2017-02-15 calendar row-3″>
    <div class=”day calendar day 2017-02-16 calendar row-4″>
  • Write code to print below Pattern:*


  • Write code for: Replace substring with another string in a string [Or] Reverse a string without using the reverse function
  • Find the Inner HTML Of below:
    div<div class=”voteforme”>
    <input type=”hidden_1″ name=”_id_” value=”26219″>
    <a class=”vote-up-off” title=”This Answer is Useful”>Up Hello Vote</a>
  • Which will logically correct or array?
    int[] mylist={“1″,”2″,”3”};
    int[] mylist={5,6,7};
    int mylist[][]={4,5,6,7};
    int mylist[]={4,5,6}

Section B – Database

Regarding the database table given below, which query will you write to retrieve all employees whether they have matching departments in the department’s table

Employees Table

Sampath 60,000

Departments Table

  • Select last name, department_name from employee e left outer join department d on (e.department_id=d.department_id)
  • Select last name, department_name from employee e right outer join department d on (e.department_id=d.department_id)
  • Select last_name, department_name from employee full outer join department d on (e.department_id=d.department_id)
  • None of the above

Explain the difference between SQL, ‘truncate,’ ‘drop,’ and ‘delete’ statements and explain.

About MRI Software

From the day we opened our doors, we set out to build flexible, game-changing solutions. Founded in 1971, MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions.

MRI’s comprehensive and flexible technology platform, coupled with an open and connected ecosystem, meets the unique needs of real estate businesses from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets.

A real estate software industry pioneer, MRI develops lasting client relationships based on nearly five decades of expertise and insight. MRI liberates real estate companies to elevate their business and gain a competitive edge through leading solutions and a rich partner ecosystem.

Based outside Cleveland, Ohio, MRI Software is a global company with offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Technology has changed over the years, but we pride ourselves on staying true to the original vision of our founders, Fred and Sid Goodman.

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